Saturday, July 19, 2008

What a day....

WHEW!!! I'm completely worn out but what an amazing day we've had. The wedding was quite possibly one of the most special days I've had in a LONG time. Everything went off without a hitch. The bride was just glowing, the groom was stary-eyed, the kids were.....well happy, but nervous as they blend their families, and the Lord's Spirit was felt in the room as Regina and Dewayne said their vows. I wish you could've seen my sister. She has never looked more beautiful - and for those who know her that's saying something, she's ALWAYS beautiful!

There was a moment about 2 hours before the ceremony started when my niece and nephew started thinkin' about their dad - and I'm sure Regina was too - but the 3 of them just had their moment together, prayed thru and went on. That's the funny thing about goes on. When your world gets turned upside down, things go on. When you think you can't face another day, you wake up to another sunrise. So as the pastor spoke about God starting a new work and that love was a choice you make each day, all I could do was silently pray that each day the Lord would rain down fresh manna on the two of them - new every morning - His faithfulness truly is great!!

I'm gonna try to post some pics at some point, but we're gonna be doin' a little "playing" after church tomorrow so I'm not sure when that will happen. Just wanted to keep y'all up to date, and if any of you have tried to email me - the computer at home has had another TIA and Jimmy is diligently working on the problem - BLESS HIS PRECIOUS HEART!!! Thanks so much for your prayers. They were heard and answered!!

BY THE WAY - Jimmy started his new job Friday and though it was mostly paper work and the like, he really thinks he's gonna be happy there. In fact, they told him he was overdressed in his khaki's and button-down and sent him home for lunch to change into some jeans and a t-shirt!! OH YEAH, you know my redneck man was LOVIN' that!!! hahaha Thanks for those prayers as well guys! GOD IS GOOD - ALL THE TIME - AND ALL THE TIME - GOD IS GOOD!!!!


Kim said...

So glad you made it home. Click on my blog to watch a special will BLESS your heart and encourage you so!

Valarie said...

Hey girl. Not home yet, but gonna head over to see the video. Stayin' with family up here all week.
Have a good one.