Saturday, July 5, 2008

Great weekend kickoff.....

Hey everyone. Hope your 4th was a BLAST! (haha - no pun intended) Our day started with a trip to the Teeter! UGH! Everyone else's day started with a trip to the Teeter as well. The difference was that I actually had on clothes. 90% of them had on their swimsuits. THEY WERE READY!

Came home, made my macaroni salad for the weekend events and changed into my swimsuit too. Jimmy, the kids and I headed down to the pool to spend the afternoon. My nephew Chad called and brought his family over to swim as well. We had a great time. He has a 6 month old that I got to cuddle with and introduce to the big pool. Poor baby Grant. He was NOT a happy camper in that pool.

Then last night was just more great fun. We went to a cookout with our newly formed Sunday school class from the music ministry. If anyone has ever been around musicians (being married to one I'm at liberty to say this) they can be a strange group of people. But last night was truly a super time had by all. In fact, we didn't even want to leave to go to the fireworks! We had a few rebels who brought their own and we let the kids just scream like wild Indians and it was just a ton of fun. Thanks Todd and Lisa.

So today, the fun continues with a cookout, fishing and swimming again with my nephew and his family. I pray that the Lord blesses each of you with a great weekend as well. He is so good and so worthy of praise. I just love how He can take a group of weirdo musicians and turn us into family! He's good at that kinda thing! He's our common denominator!! Y'all have a good one. Off to get ready....