Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Do you get it?

Oh my word. Small taste of summer this weekend. No, I don't mean sunshine and high temps but I mean 24/7 kids at home! ;-) Just kiddin'! It really was a good weekend except for the WWF Smackdown yesterday morning about 8:00am. Oh yeah, having a 10 and an 8 yr old boy is SOOOOO fun. My mother-in-law is so encouraging to tell me to just get used to it. My hubby and his older brother are 3 years apart so she's been there, done that!

Anyway, coming off my study which ended last week, I've kinda been flipping around not really feeling where the Lord wanted me to land until Monday. So, we're in Luke (we as in the Lord and I - not just my multiple personalities haha). I've studied Luke's gospel before, years ago, and I enjoy it probably the most out of all the gospels. Probably because he's a Dr. and the fact that I spent over 15 years hanging around Dr.'s that I get their mentality. ;-) In fact, I love that Luke starts his gospel by reassuring the readers that he has done a great amount of research (though he didn't mention who funded it - did anyone see the news today? just kiddin) and assures us that many have tried to undertake a written account but he felt compelled to write so that "Theophilus" could be certain of what they had been taught. (just like a Dr.) Theophilus means "one who loves God" so though he may certainly have been a Roman acquaintance of Luke's I like to think Luke was speaking directly to me - one who loves God. (Ok, I'm getting a bit full of myself, don't ya think?! UGH!)

The Lord really spoke to me today as I read about Elizabeth and Zechariah giving birth to John - ok Elizabeth giving birth and Zech QUIETLY waiting outside - and how the family that had gathered around were more concerned with the baby's name then they were with celebrating the miracle of this baby's birth. I mean, Elizabeth was no spring chicken (well along in years - 1:7) and here she was having a baby - a boy nonetheless - and all they can say is "You don't have any relatives named John.". First of all, the fact that they were going to name him after his father without even asking Elizabeth - Zech was still being quiet at this point - and then when she spoke up they question her and then go check with Zech to make sure Elizabeth hasn't just lost her mind. It seems they missed the point. They missed the REAL reason to celebrate. They missed the REAL victory.

Then as Zech FINALLY gets his voice back and breaks into this beautiful proclamation of the Lord's work, the coming Messiah and the role his precious baby boy would play it was as if I could see the family and all the Jews gathered around thinking about the Messiah. Thinking about how this Messiah would rescue them from the hands of the Romans. Rescue them from their "current" situation. Missing the point. Missing that the Messiah would come to rescue their soul from eternal separation from God. Rescue not just them, the Jews, but all of mankind. Rescue them not just from their situation but for all eternity! They missed the REAL reason to celebrate. They missed the REAL victory.

I started thinking over my life and how short-sighted I've been. How often I've missed it. How often I've focused on my current situation and missed the eternal impact of things in my life. Lord, I'm sorry for being so self-centered that I've missed opportunities to experience your work in my life. Help me to have kingdom vision. Help me to slow down and not allow the enemy's attempts to distract me with circumstances to keep me from impacting eternity. Help me to get it! I thank you for sending Jesus, the Messiah, not just to rescue the Jews but also to rescue me. Not just to rescue us from our circumstances and troubles but to rescue us from eternal separation from You. Thank you Jesus, for being the sacrificial Lamb, for paying for my adoption, for making me Your child! I love you Lord.


Nicki said...

Great Quite time this morning! God is speaking through you so much! I loved every word...

Are you serious about the chips??? I have never heard that!! Sounds interesting!! But I guess if anyone would know it would be you!I'm getting desperate, I just might have to try it!! =)

Kim said...

Kingdom that! I am reading Crown Him King right now and it speaks of such - I will share it soon. My eyes are tired after a full day of teaching.