Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Master Plan

Oh my word. I'm trying to mix up my blog with some interesting background or something and it's TOTALLY giving me a headache. I wish I was techno-savvy enough to do it on my own instead of having to pay someone to do it for me. ;-)

Ok, so I'm at the 2nd chpt of Luke. These familiar words seem strange to read at the end of March with spring in full swing. (made a little rhyme there) However, today the Lord really fell fresh on me with these words in the first 7 verses. Yes, that's as far as we went today. Don't you love that? I'm sitting there reading, ready to knock out the whole chapter and 7 verses in I feel Him say "Wait, let's read that again". LOVE that!

It just blew my mind that Luke goes straight from telling about John's birth to this famous rendition of Jesus' birth. There's no transition about Joseph meeting Mary and questioning her pregnancy, none of that - again, just like a Dr. I can almost hear him saying "Moving right along people, let's get to the GOOD stuff". Anyway, it is amazing to me that people fight so hard to try and disprove the Bible, chalking it up to myths, legends, etc. I mean, Augustus calls a census and Joseph has to go to Bethlehem to be counted. Meanwhile, his pregnant fiance - who's about ready to pop with the Holy Child - has to go along as well. I feel rather certain that Augustus wasn't thinking "You know, I think I'll call for a census so that I can play a part in fulfilling the redemption of mankind". I'm sure THAT never crossed his mind, and yet, it's exactly what he did. It's yet another prime example of God using man - not even "righteous" men/women - to fulfill His holy Plan. Does that just blow your mind? It does mine!

Again, I just love that Lord uses even the story of the Savior of the World's grand entrance - humble as it was - to reassure me that He has a plan for me. That He has a plan for you. Does THAT just blow your mind?! I mean, God uses a Roman leader who wasn't exactly living a righteous life, my guess, to call Joseph to Bethlehem to fulfill the prophecies regarding the coming Messiah. So certainly God can use the circumstances of my life to prepare me for service in His kingdom and can use you too! Does that give you hope? It sure does give me hope!! Anyway, I'm loving Luke. I hope you're enjoying your time in the Word too. There's certainly PLENTY there!!!!

BTW - if anyone has suggestions for making my blog "prettier" by all means, let me know! Thanks.



Melissa said...

GIRL! I am trying with making the blog prettier!! I am trying! :) We will get it! Just hang in there. I will go to your house to help you if I need to!
Love that God has a plan for me! Thank you for reminding me!!