Thursday, March 6, 2008

Welcome Kenan

One week ago this precious little man rolled down the airport ramp and into my heart and the hearts of everyone who meets him. It's so amazing to actually put your hands on an answer to prayer and every time I see this sweet face it just blesses my heart to know that my Abba Daddy heard me and answered. There were times when I doubted, even questioned my own faith during this process, but He was faithful!!
I know it's not the best picture (I took it with my phone) but since mom and dad gave the green light I just had to share his sweet face with you and let you see the joy of Jesus shining thru his momma too!!! I love you Traci!!!


That's grandma on the left - she's welcoming big sister home!!! Isn't he a darlin'? I just can't keep my hands off him when I see him. I can tell you that Auntie V is his favorite so far!! ;-) Next to mom, dad and sissy that is!!


Nicki said...

Val, THANK YOU for your prayers last night!! I so appreciated and felt them!!!

I got to meet this little guy today and GEMS and he is SOOOO sweet!! I'm so happy for their family!! God is sooooooo good!

Praying for you! Hope things are going well. I'm here for you!!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

yeah!!!!!!!!!!! he looks like her should have been with them the whole time!!! tell tracy it is time to start blogging - how else am i going to get to know this precious one............

I love it and love ya'll!! Leigh