Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oh my word....

So I've been talking about laughter this week and been trying to see everything in my life with a heightened sense of humor and let me just tell you that the enemy is doing his best to bring me down. Does he get on anyone else's nerves as much as he does mine? UGH! For some reason my body has chosen this week to decide to fight me. Just when things seem to be picking up for me, here comes that ugly lupus monkey hoppin' on my back. I started working out again on a more consistent basis about 2 weeks ago (this is my 3rd week) and have been very careful not to overdo it - which I have a tendency to do - but it seems like it takes every ounce of my strength to just get up. Then once I'm up it's like my body is SCREAMING for me to just lay back down. ANNOYING!!!

So I'm dealing with that and then my kids come home yesterday and dad decides to tell them that if they'll go do some yard work (clean up from some of the storms we've had) he'll give each of them $2.00. Now, this is a big deal because we typically don't give them money for doing chores. I know a lot of people have different stands on this but that is our stand. Since this isn't one of their usual jobs though, dad decided to give them a reward for their "labor". Now, first you should know that we live in a cookie cutter neighborhood so it's not like they're going out to clear off 3 acres of land. Second, there's 3 of them so at the most the job should take MAYBE 45 minutes. I tell them to finish up their homework and then head out to the yard and my middle son is sitting on the couch obviously upset. I ask what the problem is to which he replies "Man, I was hoping you'd say he would buy me a new Webkinz for cleaning up the yard". AFTER MY HEAD QUIT SPINNING AND THE PROJECTILE VOMIT QUIT SPEWING (ok that's just a joke) I just sat there. I looked at him and I just started cracking up!! I mean like totally rollin', head down, dying laughing. He starts laughing too. Baby girl comes in and starts laughing too. Oldest comes in going, "What is it? What's so funny? What happened?' (He can't stand not being in on the joke)

So we're all here cracking up. Me laughing to keep from crying and them because they think mom has finally lost her marbles. After it's over I just look at him and say, "Ok you really want me to pay $45 dollars (Webkinz are about $15 a piece X 3 kids) for a job that will take you less than an hour? You're joking right?" To which he starts to cry. There it is. Finally the tears come! Ok. So maybe this humor thing isn't going so well this week. Guess God's tellin me that season has come and gone and it's time to move on. So, I'm anxious to see where we go next. Needless to say, the yard was cleaned up and by the time they finished the job, and between the sassy mouths and the fighting - no one got the $2! So I'm gonna take that $6 and go to Starbucks! ;-) Just kiddin'!!


Nicki said...

that is so funny!! I'm laughing so hard!!! Why?? Because I REALLY did take Taylor's money one time and went to starbucks!! lol!!

Girl, I love your humor in it all!!

JenB said...

oh girl. Praying the laughter comes back! I could use some myself!
Sorry about your lupus acting up. Take it easy! Are you working out with Melissa? Girl, don't try to keep up with her---girlfriend can lift some weights!!

Melissa said...

Girl! Being a mama is hard, ain't it? Every day is a new day though to try to keep the laughter going. Don't let it get to you! Just keep smiling! His mercies are new every day!!
Love you!

Angie said...

That made me laugh (the starbucks and sassy mouth part)....brought back sweet memories....NOT. OOO I remember well the sassy-mouth disease...I can't remember when it struck my children...but boy, it nearly took their life! I am thankful for strong medicine!!!
Thank you Val, for your kind words on my LWG post! You are an encouragement! AND FUNNY!!!

Nicki said...

Trying this again....I left you a comment yesterday and it came back to me as address unknown..???

Nicki said...

Ok, I think it works now!! =)

I was DYING as I was reading this because Val....I HAVE totally taken Taylor's money and gone to Starbucks when she gets all sassy on me!! =) lol!!

I love your humor in things it's so great!!