Thursday, March 5, 2009

Week of some CRAZY TV!

Was anyone looking for "After the Final Rose Part 3" last night? I know I sure was. In fact, I was hoping it would be a live show from somewhere around Dallas with Melissa telling everyone what a horrible kisser Jason was and how vertically challenged men can NOT be trusted!! LOL - just kiddin' shorties! ;-) (for a girl who's 5'9" there's always an abundance of men shorter than me!)
Then AI. Ugh. What's the deal with bringing back the losers? I mean, I'm all about second chances, but they had auditions, they went to Vegas - or wherever they were - they had their "big shot" on TV and STILL didn't choose the 'right song'?! COME ON! Someone, somewhere shoulda told them - "Uh, have you really decided on THAT one?" For real!
Last night was the kickoff for season 195 of "America's Next Top Model" and is it just me or have you EVER seen one of those winners on a magazine cover? Enough said.
So this week has just been some weird TV and I'm hoping tonight will be better. It's Thursday - it's MY tv night. Grey's, CSI, ER, Private Practice and one other show that only Melissa knows I watch on Thursdays (and I'm hoping she won't tell! haha). So much TV - so little time. Thank goodness for DVR. Yes, I don't think it appropriate to thank God for DVR! ;-)
Anyway, I'm dome with my rambling for today and since there's this 6 degrees or separation thing - if anyone who reads this knows someone, who knows someone, who knows poor little Melissa from the Bachelor, tell her she got off lucky. She needs a taller man! ;-)

Oh yes, I must mention that I FINALLY made it to the IKEA!! LAND SAKES people. Land sakes I tell ya!!! It's my new fav place to go. I walked in with sweet Melissa and we both just kept going on and on about how pretty everything was and we had only made it to the cafeteria!! Even the people were pretty - which Melissa said affirms that WE were in fact pretty too! LOL! Anyway, I'm going again....soon! Anyone wanna come along?! LOVE it!!! WOOHOOOOOO!!!!


Melissa said...

AND we saw a couple there that met at a strip club AND we walked through the rug area with our mouths hanging open. COULD NOT SPEAK! I will never tell about the show! SHHHHH!! Ok, am I in trouble for saying "Strip club" on your blog?