Thursday, March 8, 2007

Most important job

The theme of my week has been what is my most important job. I have several jobs. Jobs in the home and jobs outside the home. The outside jobs are part time while my jobs inside the home are 24/7 jobs! The jobs God has given me are complete blessings from His hand and this week has been one in which my outside jobs have needed a bit of extra attention. This has left my inside jobs a bit vulnerable to the enemy.

Now I don't wanna give the enemy more credit than his slimy old self deserves but he's been working. I know the Lord has been allowing him to have some liberties with me and my family this week. He's seen that there's not a lot of cracks in our armor but he certainly hasn't stopped trying to find them this week and the Lord let him find a big one in me this week! I've spent a great deal of the week at the foot of the cross begging forgiveness and cleaning some things up! But I think the Lord is saying to me "Yeah girl I've blessed you with some opportunities out of your home but remember what your most important job is! MOM!"

I love the way He gently reminds me instead of pouring His wrath like I've been reading in Ezekiel. Scary stuff! He loves us too much to destroy us but he'll break us to pieces because He loves to sew them back together! He's so good!