Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Neatly tied with a bow...

This week has been a bit on the hectic side. Can anyone relate? haha I just know that everyone who reads that sentence is going "You think your week is hectic?!"

Anyway, I've started my Kindermusik semester with 10 children - THANK YOU GOD!! I've got a Pampered Chef order going and another shipment expected soon. We've got a big conference coming up at church I've been learning new music for as well as our spring recording project AND our Easter music!! My kids have had a TON of homework as 3rd quarter is winding down and on top of all that I've got my "Breaking Free" homework, my Karen Kingsbury novel and, and, and...You get the point right?

It's so amazing how the Lord just brings everything to full circle though. I've been reading Ezekiel in my quiet time and I have to admit it's a bit daunting. I'm in the upper 20 low 30 chapters where there's lots of wrath and judgement being poured out for disobedience. Sometimes it seems difficult to find application when reading prophesy against a king or a country. Yet, what has been the source of my hectic life lately...dealing with my son's disobedience. He's been struggling in school. Nothing major, just talking when he's not supposed to, making loud noises in the media center, talking on SILENT LUNCH (when are they supposed to socialize? - don't get me started) just that kind of thing. More than once in the last week I have said "Son, do you think the rules don't apply to you?"

Then this past Sun morning in church I look at the big sign in our lobby that says "Please no food or drink in sanctuary" and then I look at myself and my fellow vocal team/orchestra members all with our bottles of water in hand and I wonder where my son gets that attitude?! I mean, we can certainly justify our NEED for water in the sanctuary - singing, playing instruments - but what kind of example am I sending my kids? VERY CONVICTING! So, this week I've had my son looking up some of the things Ezekiel was called to obey - speaking ONLY when the Lord told him to, lying on one side for 390 days and then the other for 40 days, not grieving when his wife died - just to name a few. We talked about the fact that we all struggle with disobedience at times but we need to strive to be like Ezekiel. Obedient no matter the cost. Tough stuff!!

Anyway, God is still good and still on the throne and still loves me and my kids! He will see us thru these times and He will continue to bless us as we seek to serve Him! I pray the same for you and yours!


Leigh Gray said...

Valarie - that was an awesome Mommy Moment!!! I love it.

You are a wonderful inspiration.

Love you!!