Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Oh those famous words for any parent who ever took their kids well...anywhere in a car! It's only day 3 of our summer break and so far we've been to the pool, to the movies, to a play date, to the library, dinner and movie night at a friend's house and still my kids wake up this morning, "Mom, I'm bored." WAKE UP BORED? Are you kidding me?!

Then I got to thinking...scary often have I been bored in my spiritual walk? How often have I picked up the Word, read it, and walked away unmoved? Why does that happen? As I pondered over what to do to occupy my kids it kinda hit me that part of their boredom is THEIR fault! I mean, their room is full of toys, they have bikes and scooters, they have friends in our neighborhood to play with (which we've not had before), they have TV and movies and gameboy. And still they have the NERVE to say "Mom, I'm bored". KILLS ME I TELL YA!

Then the Father whispers into my heart, "See how it feels?" He's given me His Word which promises is "alive and active", is full of AWESOME stories of faithful and not so faithful men and women, is full of romance, drama, murder, revenge, comedy even and yes I have the NERVE to pick it up, read it and walk away unmoved?! KILLS MY FATHER I TELL YA! I'm SURE that is absolutely MY FAULT! God has given me all the tools I need to never be bored in my walk so if I'm bored I'd best be gettin a good look in the mirror of my soul and finding out what the problem is.

God has me on a trip. He's driving and I'm riding along and I'm continually asking "Are we there yet?" but instead of giving me an impatient "Not yet" the way I often do my kids, He looks over at me with more love than I could ever imagine and says "Not yet, my daughter, not yet!" "Just hold on, it won't be long!"


Leigh Gray said...

oh are you speaking to me. I got on to the kids yesterday because they asked for 2 cookies and I said yes. then EJ said well, then can i have 4 cookies. I blew a gasket......... No, i said, 2 is what you asked for and i said yes, why do you want to push the envelop every time. why can you not be satsfied with what i have given you with.

Oh did conviction set in. I am blessed - if He does nothing else, I am blessed. Why do i ask for more when He has given me what I need - oh girl - thank you for your words too. Heart issue, I have a heart issue!!

Love you!

pinkmommy said...

Amen! Thank you so much for that today! I have been pondering on that same thing lately!