Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Salt and light

As I told you this is VBS week at our church and I'm taking a car load with me every night. It's been hectic but I'm praying that it will be worth it.

Jesus calls us to be salt and light to the world and my intention with hauling all these kids around was to teach this command to my kids. They're getting it, or at least in part, because my middle son Josh has asked every kid at the pool, at the library and even one in the grocery store! But my oldest son Chase only wanted to invite one boy. (Josh wants to feed the masses - Chase is a one on one kinda kid! haha) When Chase told me who he wanted to ask I was thrilled! This boy's parents do not attend church and he told us he only goes to church when he visits his grandmother about once a year. (As a girl who was in church in the womb that's hard to comprehend)

Anyway, last night at bedtime my boys began to share with me some things that have been happening with this little guy. During worship rally he's been changing some of the lyrics of songs to say bad words or disrespectful things, he's been talking while teachers are talking, running around - basically, he just has no clue how to act in church. Now the behavior things are to be expected but the language things...well that's another issue. I'm certainly aware that my kids will hear bad language - if they haven't already - from all sorts of kids, but to hear it being done in their church?! Unacceptable!!

This is where I feel my challenge as a mom. Of course I immediately told them that this was their opportunity to stand for what they believe and tell this boy that they don't think his words/behavior is funny - ESPECIALLY when it involves making fun of their Jesus/church - and I have told him that I knew he was doing it and if it continued I would tell his parents that he could no longer come with me. That's where my real challenge is. What I WANT to say is that he can't come back to VBS, but then isn't that what satan wants? To keep this boy out of church? I MUST and will protect my kids at every turn, however, finding the balance of protection and discipleship is a struggle.

I don't want my kids in the same church "bubble" that I was raised in but I certainly don't want to dangle them in front of the wolves either!! The weapon...prayer! Pray for my kids protection. Pray for my discernment in teaching/exposing them to things. Pray for my witness and theirs. Pray for the children around them to see the difference in us and want to know more about our Jesus. Pray! That's about the best thing I can do! Pray, pray and then when I'm done, pray a few more times!


Lucy said...

Valarie, You have no idea how I needed to read this blog tonight. satan is at work everywhere.

Thank you, girl!!! Love you!!!

Valarie said...

I'm tellin' ya girl, he is workin hard on us! The more we swing our Swords the more he fights back! Stay prayed up girl!
Love you 2!