Friday, June 8, 2007

God is in control...

Well I've had a very interesting couple of days. Started with a checkup on my lupus this week, ended with me on a table having a CT of my head yesterday. I think she was just trying to prove once and for all that it IS full of air!! (that's what my brother would say!)

I've had some issues with hearing loss - which is genetic - some ringing in my ears, headache, blurred vision, dizziness and a few other things. By God's grace I have a Dr. who is quite aggressive and starts the search for the diagnosis by knocking off the big items - tumor, nerve damage, etc. With lupus there's so MANY things that can happen that you just gotta start by the process of elimination to figure out what's going on. I sit, waiting...waiting for results...waiting for answers...waiting...but you know what, I'm not one TINY bit worried.

Whatever happens I know that God is not gonna say "WHOA! DIDN'T SEE THAT COMIN!" I know that before He formed the foundations of this earth He knew that I'd be having these issues and He knows what the diagnosis is. He has a plan for it all. His plan is to prosper me and give me a hope and a future so I WILL trust in Him. He loves me so much that He has woven my life into a tapestry that will give Him ultimate glory in the end so all I need to do is sit back, surrender to Him and do what He asks me to do. If that means face something medically challenging...then I'll face it! I'll put on my helmet of salvation, my breastplate of righteousness, my belt of truth and then I'll pick up my Sword of the Spirit and I'll FIGHT!!! I'm ready!!! Thank you Father for equipping me for the battle!! You are GOOD!!!


Nicki said...

Wow, your faith is amazing!! What a blessing that was to read this today. You are SO RIGHT in saying that nothing is going to take God by surprise!!! AMEN!!! I'll be praying for you and for your test results, I'm glad your AC is back on it sure is HOT HOT HOT today!!!

Leigh Gray said...

have you heard anything yet?
I mean about the tests...

love - praying for your weekend!

Lucy said...

I am so glad I found you.....or you found me......or however it was that it happened. I don't remember. You have a knack for keeping me on my toes.......even when you're the one going through the hard stuff.

You know I'm praying. Let me know what's going on.

Love you, Sista!!!