Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!!

I am and always will be a "Daddy's Girl"! I'm proud of it and I don't care who knows it! ;-) There's something about the bond between a daddy and his girl. My daddy had 3 girls so the fact that I - being the third - can say that he ALWAYS made me feel special is a testament to the kind of dad I had.

You see, my sweet daddy went home to be with Jesus on Nov. 14, 2002. He was diagnosed with brain cancer on March 11, 2002 and we had 8 WONDERFUL months with him after that. He was at work when he had his first seizure - working as a security guard as he was a retired painter/paper hanger - and he had just done a "concert" at a local church in York, SC 2 weeks before that. He sang and played piano. That's what my dad did. He worked. ALOT. If he wasn't working for the Lord - his first job - then he was working for our family.

As a child I remember being disappointed when dad couldn't make my games, or to see me sing because he was working but now as an adult I know he was working so that I COULD be in those games and sing with the choirs at school and church. The one thing I do know is that whenever he could he was there. He did his best and now that he's gone that is what matters most to me. I was able to tell him that too before he passed. He always felt that he'd let me down but I was able to reassure him that he was my hero!

So today, I honor my daddy! Though he's singing at the feet of Jesus - and I'm sure he's down front directing - I still honor him! I miss him in a way that I do not have the ability to put into words. I miss his smile, his laughter, his stories (he was the MASTER story teller), his smell (usually paint -haha), his touch, his widsom, his ingenuity, his ability to make something from nothing, his singing, just his presence in my life. But I know that he's in heaven cheering me on and that one day I'll see him again. I'll sing with him again in heaven with our Jesus forever and ever!

I know you can't hear me singing but if you know this song sing it - YES I MEAN SING IT - as I sing my daddy's favorite song. I love you daddy and I can't WAIT to see you again!

I would love to tell you what I think of Jesus.
Since I've found in Him a friend so strong and true.
I would tell you how He changed my life completely.
He did something that no other friend could do.

No one ever cared for me like Jesus.
There's no other friend so kind as He.
No one else could take the sin and darkness from me.
Oh how much He cares for me.

In loving memory of James Stuart Hunter 9/15/31 - 11/14/02.


Anonymous said...


I hope you don't mine me writing you and I wont again but I did want to leave you a meassage.

Ijust wanted you to know that I decided to try to get my life back.

Thank you for all your messages that you left for me on T, blog and for your prayers


Valarie said...


I'm so glad you "popped over" to visit me! I don't mind one TINY bit!

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by getting your life back but if it has anything to do with Jesus then I'M THRILLED!! Anything less won't make the difference that will last for eternity.

I'm sure it seems weird to you that all these women are praying for you and "lovin" on you but that's what being a Christian is. It's showing others what Jesus has done in our hearts. That's what He is...LOVE!!

Take care and by all means keep in touch!
I'm still prayin' for ya girl!