Tuesday, June 19, 2007

VBS and other fun stuff

This week is VBS at our church and I have the FUNNEST job there! I'm part of the team that leads the "worship rally" for the kids before they go to their classes! SO MUCH FUN! Where else can 30-something women get on stage with a mic and dance - not Baptist two step I mean cut the rug - and sing and praise Jesus?! The kids LOVE it and so do we. THEN I get to go and lead the preschool "worship rally" with the most precious 4 and 5 year olds! (I say that because my baby's in there haha) What a fun way to introduce these kids to having a blast with Jesus! I LOVE THAT!

It's also been such a blessing to have the neighborhood pool! I mean, it's a bit gross when you think about swimming with all those other kids, but I just keep telling myself that if the bugs hit the water and die the chemicals will surely protect me! haha My kids have LOVED moving into this neighborhood because they FINALLY have other kids their age to play with. That is a huge blessing!

We took 3 kids to VBS with us last night! Yes, 3 plus my 3! NOISY in my van! But I got so encouraged as we left and one of the Senior adults in our church looked at me and said "Good job Mommy, you spread those seeds!" I was floored. Here I was complaining about having to keep up with them all and their "crafts" and trying to keep them from getting plowed over in the parking lot and God sends this sweet woman to throw me some encouragement. He's so good!

So that about sums up my week thus far. VBS, library, pool. Not bad. At least I haven't heard the dreaded "Mom, I'm bored" yet. Of course now that I've gone and said that I'll hear it 10 times today!! haha
I pray ya'll are having a good summer thus far as well. God is good!


Nicki said...

I have to tell you my Hope said to me as soon as she got home from VBS, "Remember my old school (meaning pre-school)? Well, that music woman I had (meaning you) SHE WAS AT 'cation bible cool!!!" She was just tickled pink to have seen you!! Just thought I would share!! =) She'll be there tonight..just look for her big pig tail bows, you won't miss her!! =)

Valarie said...

That is SOOOOO funny! I thought I saw her as I was looking around that sea of sweet faces but I'll make sure I find her tonight! Thanks for telling me.