Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Let me tell you that it has been hot, hot, hot around my house!! My AC has been out since Sun and our landlord is sending someone to fix it today! We do ok in the morning but man by 3 or 4 it is MISERABLE! That's why I haven't been online much this week. Can't stand to sit still long enough.

The Lord is good, isn't He? I just can't begin to tell you how much He's done in my life. I'm certainly not one who's at a loss for words most of the time (as you can see by this blog) but God leaves me speechless!! I think that's been the real reason I haven't blogged much this week. God's just been blowing me away lately and I'm having some "Be still and know" time with my Abba Daddy!!

I pray ya'll know Him. I pray that if you're reading these words that you don't only know Him but that you are having a REAL relationship with Him. Not one like I used to have. One where I went to church on Sun, Sun night and Wed night EVEN, but that was it. One where God was spoonfed to me by my pastors. (though they are AWESOME) Now that I've tasted for myself what this relationship is like, there's no going back!! There's no more spoonfeeding for me. I'm gettin my GRUB ON in the Word!!! Let me tell ya'll that it's the finest foods ever!! Open up your Word, get out your cups and get ready for the fillin' of a lifetime!! It's worth it ya'll!!! DIG IN!!!


pinkmommy said...

Amen, sista! He is awesome, isn't he?

Praying your ac is fixed today!

Leigh Gray said...

ac fixed yet???? oh lawdy - one hot lady doesn't need to be any hotter............

i can only imagine - oh i won't go there - you and jimmy.......etc...

hee hee - i know you too well!