Thursday, June 28, 2007

How funny is He?

My lands, God never ceases to amaze, astound, and down right CRACK ME UP!!! He is the biggest show off - and I mean that in the best way!! Over and over He has done things that at first reaction make me catch my breath, then I start cracking up at His Hand and then it drives me to my knees in gratitude!! (guess that should really be my 1st reaction, huh?)

Sometimes it's HUGE things, like getting a check in the mail to cover an unexpected expense, or getting some side work when there's more month than money, but sometimes it's just a little thing like plopping a duck down in a pond as I drive by. (God and I have a thing with duck's but that's another blog to share) Or sometimes it's an email from a friend just to say "hi" or other encouraging words when I'm feeling lonely. Or sometimes it's my 9 yr old coming in the room and hugging me for no reason! (that's gotta be a God thing since he's a boy! haha)

The bottom line is this (I think). He listens to me all day. He listens when I'm in my prayer time, He listens when I'm praising Him in the car, He listens when I'm whispering "Help me not to beat this kid senseless", He's listening. Now, unfortunately I can't walk around with my Bible in my hand all day for Him to speak back to me - though maybe it would help decrease the "beating" prayers - but all these "little" things He does are His way of talking back to me. Every time I see a hawk circling overhead - which is just about daily around here - that's another gift from Him (another blog story), every time I turn on my radio and they're playing just the right song I need to hear - that's His hand! That's Him showing off!! That's Him saying "Girl, I love you, I'm here, you're not alone, you're not forgotten!"

Don't you just love that about Him? Don't you love that we serve a God who delights in showing off for us? A God who wants nothing more than for us to have a relationship with Him and to serve Him out of the gratitude of the gifts He gives us! I just love Him!! For so many reasons I love Him but today I love that He's a show off!!!

Show me more, Abba Daddy!!!


Nicki said...

Valerie, You truly have a heart that loves the Lord and longs for other's to know the joy that you have found in Him...that's what I love about your blog, you're so full of happiness in HIM that it just overflows through your fingers!! God's gonna use that in a big way!

Valarie said...

Thanks for the encouraging words girl!! See what I mean? God is showing off thru you!! LOVE IT!!

Tracy Hurst said...


I loved this blog! What is so funny is that I am known for saying, "God likes to show up and show off!" I am actually working on a blog with that very title and here you are also calling God a show off! He is so good!

You are so right in that He is listening to us and with us each day. I celebrate with you the goodness of God and thank you for your sweet comment on my site today!