Thursday, November 15, 2007

21 Verses!

This morning as I spent time in the prayer room at church it was kinda quiet. I mean, I was kinda quiet. As ya'll know it's not been a great week for me, but I knew I needed to go and spend some time in that place. Needless to say, God was faithful!

It's hard to just walk in that room and switch gears into prayer. Traffic alone is enough to make anyone not pray! =) As I got in there, it's always quiet, so I got a hymnal and started singing some good ole' songs to get myself in the place I needed to be. So, after a few songs I was able to begin my prayer time. As I started to intercede for others I could feel the Lord telling me there was some things I needed to pray about for myself FIRST! I had already spent my time at home praying and this was "supposed" to be my intercessory time, but God had some other things in mind.

I don't usually take anything but my Bible and my prayer journal with me to that room, but today I "happen" to take my "Prayers that avail much" books with me. I don't usually take these because, as you all know, I'm never short for words, especially in prayer. In fact, I have to set my alarm on my phone to let me know when my hour is up! (That's why I said I was quiet) Anyway, the Lord led me to a prayer titled "Victory over depression". Now, if you've never seen these books they are simply Scripture for a particular situation linked together in a beautiful prayer. I began to pray this prayer, began to weep (obviously - that's what I ALWAYS do - haha) and I began to feel the Lord just wrap His loving arms around me. Not that I hadn't felt it before, but it was just a special time between me and my Abba Daddy!

At the end of each prayer the Scripture references are listed and there are 21 verses that compile this prayer for depression. 21 Verses! AMAZING!! God knows we battle with our emotions. He made us to be emotional people, ESPECIALLY the female people! He wants us to bring our depression, our anxiety, our fears, ALL our emotions to Him! He wants to free us from it. The end of the prayer says and I repeat it again now:

"Thank you, Father, in Jesus' name, that I am set free from every evil work. I praise You that the joy of the Lord is my strength and stronghold! Hallelujah!"

Don't you love that? I sure do! How many times do I end a prayer with Hallelujah instead of Amen? Not often enough! Amen, brings a close to a prayer but Hallelujah let's Him know I'll be back in a bit! LOVE THAT! Thanks for your prayers for me this week, the Father heard and answered! He is faithful!!


Nicki said...

Hey, I had to tell you that as I walked away from you today, my heart was so heavy for you. I came back home to grab a few things and the Lord told me to stop what I was doing and pray for you. I guess he was really speaking.....I'm so glad you were able to just soak up His goodness for a bit. I need to get that book you're talking about!! Sounds awesome!!

Valarie said...

Thank you girl! I'm tellin' you God is so good!!!

You HAVE to get the books. There's like 3-4 volumes but it's SOOO good!
Thanks again

Kim said...

I took note of those books too - just wanted to stop by and say Hi - I may not always have time to post but I try to stop in a few times a week to check in on my bloggin buddies. :) Have a great day!