Monday, November 19, 2007

Ya'll better look out!!!

It's been a WILD day! Can't believe I'm posting this late! Getting ready to go to WV for the holiday so I've been climbing Mt. Laundry today and trying to find my son's project that he "lost"! UGH!

So, let me just tell all you "Grover's" who missed church last night...GET THE VIDEO!!!!!! Land sakes, Dr. Rummage brought it on!! He's been doing a series on Sun. nights about worship and last night was all about the continual worship we'll do in heaven. I won't even attempt to tell you about it, but if you can't get the video you can go to the site and listen to the sermon! WHEW!! Good stuff! After church I went to Dr. Rummage and told him that it was all I could do not to get up and run a couple laps around the sanctuary - or just lay down on the floor on my face!!! YA'LL, I'M NOT KIDDING!!! I even told Jimmy "I'm fixin to run" and he told me I'd better not because Dr. Rummage might throw something at me! haha Anyway, I told Dr. Rummage that and ya'll know what our little "proper" preacher said..."Well girl, next time you better take off! You know all we need is one person to get it started." So I go, "Is that my green light?" He goes "Go on girl!" So ya'll better just look out! I'm gonna take off on one side of the church and Melissa already told me that if I take off one way, she'll go the other!!! LOL!!! Can you imagine?! You know one of the deacons would either tackle us or trip us! hahahaha

Anyway, ya'll know I wouldn't do that right? (yeah right!) The ONLY reason I wouldn't is because I wouldn't want people getting caught up in the drama of it and not understand WHY I'm doing it! I just love me some Jesus ya'll! I think about what He's done for me. How He provides, how He forgives, how He loves, how He sustains, how He...I could go on and on! (Hang on, I gotta run right now!!....K I'm back! ;-)) For those who don't know me well I'm a bit on the "dramatic" side. (Nah, you say?) So it's difficult for me to comprehend that someone sitting in their seat, staring straight ahead with absolutely NO expression on their face is in a state of true worship. Don't understand it! Not saying it can't happen, but when I praise I do it from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.

Please don't think I'm putting down anyone who's different from me. I assure you that I'm not. My sister Regina, now she has some worship but all you see is a little tear trickling down her cheek. So, I know it can and DOES happen without all the "drama" - and believe it or not, I have settled down a LOT in my old age - but still when the preacher is talking about God on the throne and the four beasts around Him CONSTANTLY saying "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty..." and the 24 elders CONSTANTLY saying "Worthy, Worthy, Worthy" well that makes me wanna run some laps!!!! So, like I said, get the video or GO LISTEN TO THE SERMON, put on your running shoes and do some laps around your house!!! I'm going to! teehee


Lucy said...

I still want to see the video of you singing with the group!!!

Leigh Gray said...

Lucy - the girl is an incredible singer - and watching is only half the treat!!!!!!!!! Worship is all over her expression!!! Wow - it is incredible!!

Val - when you lap the church - i want the video!!!!!!!!!!

i love you!! and am so thankful for you!!!