Friday, November 16, 2007

Weekend fun...

This weekend is gonna be great! I've been busy cooking and cleaning for some girlfriends to come over this evening. I have a group of ladies I sing with at church and we're getting some Christmas music together tonight and OF COURSE we have to have food! Can't sing on an empty belly. =)

Tomorrow I've got to work an inventory at a car dealership with my man and it doesn't sound like fun (and really it's not) but having 5 or 6 hours of my man undivided attention - well you get the point! I love that man so much I'm willing to go sit in a nasty parts department and count parts. (plus we get paid for it! haha)

Sunday is worship day AND I'm going back to the Christmas show after church. Is that bad? haha I LOVE that stinkin' place! I haven't bought a thing - and I've been there twice - but Sunday I'm gonna try to pick up a couple teacher gifts and other cutsy stuff! LOVE IT!

So I pray ya'll have a WONDERFUL weekend! I'll try to post some praise music at some point but right now I've gotta get myself cleaned up for my company! Love to all!!!!!


Nicki said...

Hey girl, I was thinking about sneaking off to the Christmas show tomorrow too....but I don't know, it is Kris's birthday and all, I don't know if he'd appreciate that, but maybe I'll see you there! =)

Enjoy your weekend and counting parts! Where on earth did you hear about doing that? But, money is money!