Wednesday, November 7, 2007

OUCH Scriptures...

Have you ever run across a Scripture that frankly, you wish you hadn't? Like you read it and initially you think of SOMEONE ELSE it applies to but then the Holy Spirit says, "Uh, how about you look again little missy." Ok so am I the only one He talks to like that? =) Anyway, I found one of those verses yesterday. I read it and went...OUCH!

Proverbs (that whole book is an ouch for me) 26:18-19 "Like a madman shooting firebrands or deadly arrows is a man who deceives his neighbor and says, 'I was only joking!'" OUCH! How many times a day do I say to people, I was only joking. Now don't get this verse wrong. God HAS a sense of humor - look at the platypus! But if we(I) say something and have to follow it with 'I was only joking' then is it humor? Sometimes with email you have to follow things with that because the intent of a statement can be misconstrued - but should I even be making that statement in the first place. (that's what the Holy Spirit was asking me)

Anyone who knows me knows that God gave me the gift of making people laugh. I do believe it's a gift because I do it so often it couldn't be anything else! Usually I do it even when I'm not TRYING to do it! I'm a goofball. I confess. But I also have a tendency to be a tad bit sarcastic. I know ya'll find that shocking! (see what I mean) Anyway, this verse just really hit me hard! I mean, it's not like I set out to deceive people. Not intentionally anyway. But how often do I mask stuff in humor - especially sarcasm - because I'm too chicken to just say what I really think or feel? Especially to my family!! Like I said, OUCH!!!

So my prayer is for some pure-hearted humor. Not the "Get 'er done!" variety, but just some good old belly laughs. I love the sound of laughter more than just about any other sound. I can walk into a room where total strangers are cracking up and start laughing too - even when I don't know what they're laughing at. (Like I said, it's a gift! haha SEE?!!) Please pray for me as I attempt being funny without being a madman shooting deadly arrows. OUCH! Sometimes the "TRUTH" hurts, doesn't it?

Father God, thank you for your conviction. Thank you that you love me enough to correct my behavior. Thank you for the "OUCH" verses. Thank you for refining me and making me more like your Son. It's in His name I pray.


Leigh Gray said...

ouch - that was on my toes too!! thank you for the realness !!!

love you to pieces and that ain't no joke!!