Monday, February 11, 2008

And the winner is.....

Don't you just hate commercials? hahahaha Before I get to the big winner I just want to thank everyone who entered and I hope that you'll visit my blog again. Not because I have anything profound to say, but because I love hearing how the Lord is moving in my Siesta's in Christ!

So the winner is Dionna!!! Go check out her blog!! YAY!! Now, ya'll be happy for her!! heehee

Now, let me tell you guys that God is still in the miracle business. As if you ever doubted, right?! I do think that sometimes in this day and time we wonder about that, but I'm telling you that He is!! My mom is proof! Also, my marriage is proof! Me leading a Bible study is proof!! There's also been an answer to a prayer that is proof! It's a HUGE one and I can't really give out details, but I can say that God is WORKING people!!! WWWOOOHHHOOOOOOO!!!

If you're in the midst of something that seems impossible. Job situations, marriage problems, kids who won't obey, failing health of yourself or a loved one, whatever it may be, I PROMISE you that God is WORKING.

Yesterday when I got to church my sweet friend Lindsay sang Mandisa's "God Speaking" (I think that's the title, but you know what I mean) and since I have to get there at 7:00am with Jimmy I get to sit thru everyone's warm ups. I used to think that was my time to offer my expertise on what they need, but God let me fall on my face, skinning my knees, elbows, chin, nose and everything else I could on the way! Now I use that time to sit quietly and pray for the person singing, the group leading worship, the band, our music Minister, whatever He lays on my heart but mostly I keep my BIG MOUTH SHUT!!! When she did her warm up yesterday I felt that battle with my old man begin. I began thinking of how this should be done, and where she should stand that would look better, and how she should have them turn on purple lights while she sang because it would match what she was wearing!!! I KNOW!!! Can you believe what a COMPLETE doofus God is working with here?!!! Stick with me. There is a point to this.

So anyway, I stopped right then and there and asked God to forgive me and to NOT let me go back to that critical spirit. Then He gave me a little glimpse into what He had in mind for that song. You know the lyrics "He'll do and He'll use whatever He wants to. To tell us I love you". During one of our services there was a woman who came to the altar with a friend and they were in fervent prayer together - being in choir I have to end my prayers a little early so that I'll be ready to stand - and the woman was obviously in GREAT distress. She was in a RAGING storm!! I have absolutely no idea what it was but her emotions on that altar even got the attention of our pastor. He was coming down the stairs as she was standing to leave and he stopped and called her back to him and he spoke with her, prayed over her and just hugged her like a daddy would do for his hurting daughter. I tell ya, I was DONE!! I have grown to love my pastor more and more each year because He shows me Jesus ALL THE TIME!!!

So the service goes on, the choir finishes singing and I go put my robe away - YES we still wear robes - I KNOW - and my man is waiting for me at the top of the steps. We usually walk outside so we don't disturb people in the service but we were chatting and we just turned and went thru the side doors and started thru the sanctuary. Lindsay was about 1/2 way thru her song and I usually don't stay to listen - I'm on my way to Sunday school - but I heard God tell me to stop, so I did. I looked between the pillars and there was the woman from the altar. Ya'll, bless her baby heart, she was ballin'! I don't mean a little tear trickling down, I mean, full out snot slingin' ballin'! Like I said, she is in a RAGING storm! I felt the Father whisper to me, "You see. It's not about how it sounds or looks. It's not about the lighting. I told Lindsay to pick THIS song to tell THIS woman 'I love you'" Ya'll, I was DOUBLE DONE! I just stood there staring at her and praying for God to give her some peace. I don't know who she is. I don't know what's going on with her, but I know that my God loves her every bit as much as He loves me!! He loves you too!! I promise that if we'll stop and just listen, He will speak. He will move. He will work. Will you slow down enough to hear Him?


Nicki said...

Oh girl......this post just about did me in....and I wasn't even there, but I felt like I was!!! What a precious testimony of the Lord working in huge ways in our church....oh I just love to hear things like this, and whoever that sweet woman is, I'm praying for her today.

And HOORAY FOR Diona (or however you spell it) YAY!! You're gonna LOVE IT!!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

since when did you get all techy and kow how to make a name underlined and make you go somewhere when you click on it. impressed my friend - so impressed!!

love you!!!!!!!!

we are getting a tonof snow while type - yeah!

CrownLaidDown said...

Oh, I am so blessed. So very blessed and could picture the whole scene. Mmmm, I love God's heart for us, don't you?

Thank you for praying for our job situation...waiting for Him to bring it. Then and perhaps before then, I will be the snot slingin' bawlin' lady at the alter :) I DO miss choir and robes! None here in CO, but we DO love our worship team. They bless.

You Bless too!
Thanks and congratulations, Dionna!

marina said...

wow!! was touch by your post.blessing. marina