Monday, February 18, 2008


It seems like the older I get, the harder it is to remember things. That's scary considering I haven't even hit 40!! Still, I can go over and over things, even write them down and yet, I forget. Sometimes I even forget where I wrote it. Sad! My kids laugh at me because I look at them and say every name in my family, but theirs!! Including the dog! haha

This weekend I had a gut wrenching call from my mom. Her recovery truly has been a miracle straight from the hand of God. However, she's not treating it as such and not continuing the work she should. (that's a WHOLE other blog!) Anyway, she calls me Sat. crying her eyes out. She kept saying "'Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me...' I can't remember the rest, I can't remember another single word!" My mom is a singer and knows words to most every old hymn and you can walk up to most people and they can at least sing this verse of "Amamzing Grace" so the fact that she couldn't get the rest was just devastating. I told her to get a pen and paper and I'd give her the rest of the song, but she wanted to try to remember it on her own. Pitiful. It just about ripped my heart out.

I know her brain injury from all the trauma she suffered. I know this is most likely a temporary situation, however, it got me thinking about remembering. I know alot of people criticize "bloggy-ville" and that we do this because we think so much of ourselves that we need to share it with others but I'm realizing more and more that I'm grateful for the outlet to journal so many things. I have my personal journals but this outlet allows me to share my life with friends and family who aren't close (geographically) and it's a record of how God has and is working in me.

I pray that I remember. I pray that my mom can remember. Sorry for being a bit melancholy today especially after my "Jesus-jig" Friday but truth be told I'm really not feeling well - been up all night in pain - but God is faithful. Everyone is home today and that makes me happy, I just wish I felt better. BLAH! Anyway, ya'll have a great day and remember....


Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

And thank you for sharing with "us" or else i mgiht not knowhow to truly pray for you specifically!!! Please remember to share!!

Thank you for your phone call!! I cherished it all weekend - listened to it over and over!! thank you thank you thank you!