Thursday, February 14, 2008

To my Valentine...

Ya'll are just gonna have to skip today if you're not the mushy type, but I gotta show some love to my man!!! ;-)

Jimmy, why in the world you put up with me I will never know but I just can't thank you enough for following the Lord and sticking with me!! (Guess me tellin' you I'd hunt you down like a dog worked, huh?! haha) Really, you are my love, my joy, my soulmate, my best friend, my partner, my life. I know there've been times when we didn't think we'd make it. Times when we BOTH wanted to just cut our losses and call it quits, but God had bigger and better plans for us and every time the enemy tried to distract us with that garbage His will won!! LOVE THAT about Him!!

I think back over all the Valentine's days we've shared and while there have been some INCREDIBLE ones and some that, know, this one is so special to me! Special because not alot of men would sit home with their kids on Valentine's night so that their mate could go and answer the Lord's call. I don't take for granted one minute how blessed I am to have you. I'm so grateful that the Father saw me and then saw to place you as my earthly prophet, priest, protector and provider. Your crowns will be many, my love!

I'm so proud to be your wife and I love you with all my heart and soul. Happy 15th Valentine's Day Baby! (Aren't you proud I knew that?! haha) Thank you for being who you are. Always remember that I am "Forever Yours".