Saturday, February 23, 2008


Isn't it funny how once you verbalize something the enemy uses it against you?! Earlier this week I blog about putting on our armor and lo and behold, here he comes, full force.

It's been a crazy week - lots of stuff going on and that's when he seems to hit the hardest. In fact, I had to leave the gym where my oldest was playing basketball because one of his coaches (who had already gotten a warning from the ref) was just shootin' his mouth!! The "Momma Bear" in me was gettin' all kinds of angry! Best if I just walk away instead of humiliating myself and my son!! ;-)

Anyway, like I said, my favorite part of "armorin' up" is the stand and pray part. This week has been proof positive. Sure, I've been praying, both in my (rushed) quiet time and in my quick little conversations with Him but the point is...rushed! Now the things I've been doing are good things. Things for Jesus. However, my still times have suffered for it. So, it may be a few days before I'm back. I need to "Be still and know."

Love to all - have a great weekend and BE STILL FOR PETE'S SAKE! hahaha

(Thank you Jesus for fixin' spellcheck!!)


Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

how are you feeling sweet girl - your body holdin' up ok? any flare ups? What about the ears. Thank you for the reminder to slow down and rest. I am there too!! but...........not today. ha!!

love you and be well! Leigh

marina said...

Val, thanks for reminding me to be still I too have been going through so much inside my soul that it hurts and I am so tried of crying I am in the strom and asking God for my peace. I don't really blog about these b/c i fell its so heavy but your song just bless me to day,thanks,marina

Melissa said...

It is SO hard to be still girl. I do know! He MADE me be still for a good year. It almost killed me, at least I thought, but really, it made me stronger. I got a good talkin' to today from my mother about not being still enough. Perhaps this is something I really need to hear!!? Love you! Thanks for the accountability!! I NEED IT!