Friday, February 15, 2008

It's FRIDAY!!!

Did yesterday's blog just about make you wanna barf?! hahahaha My super-impressed man goes "Read your blog today babe, that was sweet." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I pour my heart out over the WWW and I get "that was sweet"?! Oh well. Par for the course when you've been together 16 years! hahahaha Really ya'll, I'm just teasin'! My man's a sweetie! Love ya babe! ;-)

First let me give a big ole shout out to my sweet friend Melissa!! Today's her birthday so pop over and tell her Val sent you to wish her a good one!! Melissa, I'm just so thankful the Lord has brought us closer the past couple of years. He knew I needed you to keep me in line, girl!! Thanks for being my friend, my prayer partner and my SISTA!!! I love ya girl!! Ok, enough with the love already!! hahahaah Just kiddin'!

My Bible study was last night - the 2nd week - and it's Valentine's day. I had several ladies ask me if I was going to cancel and contemplated it, but my sweet Debra C. reminded me that there were several single ladies in the group so we pressed on!! We had a good turn out and even had a new girl last night!!!! YAY GOD!!!! I just love how God is working in this. I know He's working in me and I have seen Him working in the ladies as well. He's so good that way!!!

It's funny that we've been studying Samson and Delilah during this week of love. Samson had it BAD, didn't he? Wow, not the brightest bulb in the room, wouldn't you say? Just another prime example that God can use ANYONE for His purpose. I love that about Him. Also, don't you love how He lays out the Word? Samson's story begins as he's born and then goes looking for a wife. Really. Shouldn't that be a RED FLAG to someone? haha You know he's gonna be a playah! Not that I even really know what a playah is, it just sounds cool to say! (I think I'm a bit full of myself today - now THAT is scary!!)

Anyway, the point here is that God can...! God can do...!! You can finish that sentence with whatever your situation is. You can fill in the blank with whatever it is you need or think you don't have!! Lately, there have been some REALLY great things happening around me and I'm just T-TOTALLY in the mood to celebrate!!! I just wanna go do a "Jesus-jig"!! So tonight I'm going out to do just that! Melissa thinks we're going to celebrate her birthday - but NO! It ain't about you girlfriend!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA Oh my word, I really need to just shut up!!

Ok. Ya'll have a great weekend and go celebrate. Even if there's a storm raging around you, lift up your head, let the wind blow in your hair and shout "GOD CAN"!!!


Melissa said...

Valarie!! Thank you so much! You are sweet and I love you too girl! The Lord knew we needed each other so don't even try that one. Thank you for praying for me. I need it girl!!
Love you!