Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Tomorrow's the big day!! It's gonna be crazy for me so I wanted to just hop on tonight to ask y'all to be in prayer for my friends as they bring their son home tomorrow!! Their flight leaves Guatemala City at 3:30pm EST and lands around 8:00. I know they have him and I know they went to the courts today for all the final stuff but I haven't heard from them since so I'm assuming all is well. Unfortunately you never know with Guatemala and their adoptions.

Anyway, I'll be hittin the ground running at 8:30am to clean their house and decorate it, then meeting some friends for lunch, then kids come home, then go get my "other" kids, do homework, fix dinner, go to the airport and squeeze that little man!! LAND SAKES I JUST CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

Thanks for praying and I'll try to get some pics up after the big event!! Love to all!!


Nicki said...

I can't wait to see!! How fun and what a blessing you are being!!! I LOVE stuff like this!!

valerie said...

I saw your comment on the LPM blog.
This is such an exciting time for you and your friends. I've been reading about several families who have adopted. If you've not ever seen this blog you need to check it out. It is precious!
There are pictures of Allie that are so adorable. This family also lost a little boy a couple of years ago to cancer. It will bless you though.
I'll add you to my favorites so I can keep updated with your friends.
I just read this today, but I'll keep praying that all goes smoothly.

Melissa said...

What a sweet photo! Girl, I hate so bad that I could not be there! I really know that the Lord is blessing and answering so big for us and our friends!! Doubts and fears are all gone as He has been faithful to hear when it felt like He wasn't! This has been a great lesson for all of us in patience and trust. I can not wait to see him and see that mama and daddy! I want to hug their necks!! Thank you for the love and support that you have been to them!
Love you!