Monday, February 25, 2008


What a morning!! Have you ever prayed and prayed and prayed about something and when the Lord answers you just wanna shout?! That's where I am today - in fact this entire week!! My sweet friend and her hubby decided to adopt a baby from Guatemala and signed their papers to get the process started in Dec. 2006. This morning my man and I had the honor of taking them to the airport to go get their precious boy!!! LAND SAKES!!!!

We have prayed and prayed for their family, for the baby, for the process, for so many things and it's FINALLY here! Funny that when you pray about something with no answers it just feels like you're beating your head against the wall. But that's where God seems to do the most work. Jesus told us in Matthew 7 "for everyone who asks receives" but when that doesn't happen on OUR time clock don't you find yourself getting frustrated? Even questioning God if it's the right thing when you KNOW you've already gotten a clear answer. That's where we've been with this adoption process. Frustrated over finding the right child, then over the "system", then over the waiting. Just frustrated. But, oh the growth I've seen! Growth in myself and my man, in my sweet friend and her man, in my other friends who've been praying. God knew when the perfect time for that baby to come home was and THIS IS IT!!!!

The Amplified translation of Matt 7 says that "everyone who keeps on asking receives". That has been proven truth in this situation. We have been asking and asking and God has allowed us to see the fruits of our "labor"! That's what God wants from us. He wants us to keep on asking, keep on seeking, keep on knocking! He wants a relationship. Thur. night they will be bringing that baby boy home and you can bet I'll be at that airport ready to welcome his precious little self home!!

If it comes to your mind this week, pray for my friends. Their names aren't important. God knows EXACTLY who they are! Pray that things in Guatemala will go smoothly. They get him tomorrow and go to the courts on Wed so just pray for no glitches in the "system" and pray for the flight home Thur evening. I know they'll appreciate it and I will too! The Father wants us to keep on asking so that's just what I'm gonna do!!!


Nicki said...

Oh that's so awesome!! I love to hear God's promises coming into full effect!!

ps- I was talking about your hair on my blogo today. =) hee hee. I LOVE IT!!

Mindy said...

That is awesome!
Praying right now for this family!
hope you are having a great tuesday.