Saturday, February 17, 2007

A burden

Father, tonight I come to you with such a burden for my friends. I have a few friends in my life whose marriages are under attack. Lord, I lift them to you. I in the name of Jesus I pray that you will thwart any plans the enemy has to bring them harm or pain. Lord protect these marriages and give them a fresh new desire for You FIRST and then for each other! Lord I love them and I don't want to see the enemy have one single victory in their lives.

Lord thank you for my marriage. Thank you for protecting Jimmy and I and renewing our love for You and for each other. Father give all of us a good night's rest tonight, help us to forgive and FORGET as you have forgiven us Lord. I look forward to coming into your house in the morning and am anxious for a fresh word from you! Thank you for the honor of lifting all my cares on to You! I love you Lord! In the strong and mighty name of Jesus I ask and pray these things. Amen.
Good night!