Friday, February 9, 2007

A lost woman...

My heart is heavy today as I hear all the news about Anna Nicole Smith. I don't know anything about her other than the things I've seen on TV but what a pitiful, sad time this must be for those who are close to her. She was so lost. I don't mean to judge whether or not she had ever been saved, not at all, but it's obvious by her lifestyle the last few years that she was searching for something and finding it in all the WRONG places!

The reason I feel so sad for her is because that could've very easily been me! Not necessarily on TV but the same type of lifestyle. There was a time in my life when I turned my back on God and just told Him - "I think I'll try and guide my own life for a while." Boy did I end up on my face! Drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, you name, I did it. God protected me so much, even then, because I was His child, but He couldn't look at me in all my filth! He saved me from death (driving drunk and drugged up), He saved me from drug addiction (uppers mostly), He saved me from jail time(DUI), He saved me from STD's or AIDS! He did that! Not me! I was totally on the same path Anna Nicole was on. In fact, I was actually approached once to become a stripper - which is how she got her start - and the only reason I said no was because He was whispering in my ear even then! Daughter NO!!! Praise His name that was one of the few times I actually listened to His voice!

Finally one morning after partying all night, well really after puking all night, I woke up, looked in the mirror and just said "Who are you?" That very day (it was a Sunday) I went to the nearest church I could find and started falling back in love with my Jesus and falling away from that path I had chosen. Oh, how things could've been different for Anna Nicole. I sat here this morning watching her mother on the news and there were no tears from her. I can't even imagine! How sad. My prayer is that God will make Himself known thru someone to the rest of her family. He is the only source of peace they will have. He is the only one who can turn their lives around. I am proof of that! I am what I am today because God Almighty saw fit to call me by name and set my feet on His path. Do I stumble on the path? Of course! I will until I see His face, but He is always right there picking me up, dusting me off, wiping my tears and saying "Keep walking my daughter! I'm here with you!" I pray that you know my Abba Daddy! If not, please, please contact me or someone you know that does so that we can introduce you to Him. He's waiting...