Monday, February 12, 2007

A new day...A new giant!

Oh my lands I FINALLY saw "Facing the Giants" this weekend. Yes, I'm a bit behind the curve! Oh but was it worth it. What an awesome movie and once again, it was God's perfect timing. Jimmy and I are facing some of our own giants...fear, failure, doubt...this list could go on and on, but God is so much bigger! All He asks is for us to hand them over to Him and let Him take care of them. That's all He asks of any of us! Trust in Him to do it and faith that He will and believe that He is able!! That sentence seems so simple but oh, how hard at times!! He understands but asks "Child, won't you let me do it for you?"

I pray that someone reading this blog will stop and think about their life and give the giants that they face over to Him. Jimmy and I did a bit of surrendering this weekend and I have such a peace today. I'm here to tell you there is JOY in letting go! There is HOPE in serving Jesus and there is FREEDOM in captivity to Christ!!!! Won't you let your giants go too? God loves you and He wants to give you life - abundant life - in His Son Jesus!!