Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Oh how my heart hurts today for my friends Tim and Lori. They are burying their 21 year old son today who was killed in a motorcycle accident on Saturday. Oh Lord, please don't ever make me go thru that. I've given 2 babies to you already but they were babies I never actually got to hold. I can't even imagine it and pray I never have to!

The man who hit their son has multiple convictions, has been jailed 4 times in the last 2 years, and was driving a stolen vehicle with no driver's license. He fled the scene and then removed the tags from the car so the police couldn't find it. Unreal. My first initial reaction was to get angry and say "What was he thinking?" but then the Lord reminded me of the MANY times He's shook His holy head at me and wondered the very same thing! (Not that He didn't know what I was thinking, of course He already did!)

Today I'm thinking about forgiveness. Could I forgive someone who took one of my children from me? I can honestly say, I don't know! I'd love to say that with God's help I could but I have been learning lately that the sin of unforgiveness runs VERY deep in my family. Unforgiveness for things done in anger, unforgiveness for things done in pride, unforgiveness for hurt feelings, unforgiveness for things said in anger and in gossip. My dad came from a large family (12 kids) so there was a LOT of room for hurt feelings! So would I forgive someone...I can TRULY say that it would have to come from God and with Him all things ARE possible. After all, He forgave me when I took His Son from Him!!!!

That's what His love is all about. That's why in the midst of all this hurt for my friends I'm choosing love. I'm gonna love my husband more openly, I'm gonna love my kids more unconditionally, I'm gonna love my brother and my sisters more frequently and I'm gonna love my mom despite the past. I'm gonna tell my friends I love them more and not just assume they know it. I'm choosing love. I pray that you'll choose it to! It is a choice - and not an easy one sometimes - but I choose to love as my Father has loved me!

I love you for taking time to read my blog. Thanks.