Thursday, February 22, 2007

A flashing neon sign please!!

Lord today You just keep knocking my socks off! Jimmy got an offer from Wachovia!! HUGE! Of course, it's contingent on passing the drug test, criminal background and credit check. The drugs are obviously not a concern and neither is the criminal check - though there was a mix up on one done on him a few months ago. An arson charge in Ohio with a 2 year sentence in prison while Jimmy was in high school in WV! Obvious identity mix up that got taken care of. But, the credit history - well that's a concern. We lost everything we had in 2002 - home, vehicle - so that may be a problem. Jimmy disclosed this info to them during the interview, but they said they would just have to wait and see. So, Lord, I pray that you'll remove all these potential problems and make this job happen if it's your will for Jimmy.

In the meantime, another company has contacted Jimmy to do Outside Sales with an automotive warehouse distributor. This is RIGHT UP Jimmy's alley! He was in the automotive (parts) business for 18 years and it's what he's always known. The people were very excited about Jimmy - pushed his resume to the "front of the pack". They have a good salary, very good benefits (not quite like Wachovia in some areas), a company car and expense account, just a lot of good perks. Plus, this schedule wouldn't conflict with his church service whereas the Wachovia job would.

Thus, the flashing neon sign request!! Lord, just please let us know which job to take. Let Jimmy have supernatural clarity about which way to go, such clarity that can only be from You. The enemy is making him doubt himself and I pray in the name of Jesus that Satan be bound in all his attempts to make Jimmy question Your lead in His life! Lord, surround Him with your clarity. We know confusion comes from the enemy so we bind his efforts by the blood of Jesus! Thank you Father for providing for us in so many ways. Thank you for blessing me with 9 Kindermusik students again this semester and all the other opportunities with KM. Bless them Lord. I love you Lord and can't wait to see what you have in store for my family!