Sunday, February 25, 2007

Remember the Sabbath

It's rainy and dreary here today but oh how Jesus shined in our church this morning!! Our pastor, Dr. Brown, is so amazing. He's changed so much in the 9 years we've been at HGBC and I see changes still today. Some may say he's becoming a bit "sappy" in his old age but let me tell you that his newest vision of "Welcome Home" at our church is awesome!

Today we watched a short video from abc news about their person of the week. It was a Mr. Brady (forgot his 1st name) from Dallas who is a part of an organization that goes to the airport and welcomes home returning soldiers from Iraq and Pakistan. It was very touching especially when Dr. Brown shared about being spit on when he came home from Vietnam!! Anyway, his point is that each week we all face wars. Wars of finances, wars of crime, wars of emotional struggles, wars of anger in our homes, wars on every front. How nice it is to walk in the doors of Hickory Grove and have people - our family - throw their arms around your neck and say "WELCOME HOME"! You've fought another hard week, now sit, rest and worship the One who brought you thru the battle!! WOW!

I have to say that I'm loving my church family more and more every week. I grew up in church my ENTIRE life and loved some of those folks dearly but it's never been like this! I guess that's because I've never loved my Jesus like this! He is my EVERYTHING! He is my LIFE! He is my SAVIOUR! I just can't wait to get to heaven, have Him open up those holy arms of His and finally hear the sweetest sound ever - "Welcome home, child, welcome home"!