Monday, February 19, 2007

Overwhelmed and at a loss for words!

You know the title for this blog isn't something that happens often for me! I'm not frequently at a loss for words but the Lord has left me speechless so many times in these last few weeks! He is so very good to me! My life - by worldly standards - should be a wreck. My husband doesn't have the greatest job security, his company is preparing for yet ANOTHER merger, we don't own a home and the one we're in is TINY for the 5 of us, we're living basically on the generosity of others, we don't have health insurance, the list goes on and on. YET, here I am telling you that my life is filled with JOY! I mean total and complete JOY!!!!

Yesterday morning was an awesome day of worship but I was a bit distracted because my lupus was showing itself a bit. My hands and feet were SO swollen and there's a lot of walking at my church. 3 kids in 3 different corners of the church. But it was still good. Then on the way to church Jimmy starts apologizing to me for his attitude because he was worried about his job interview last week. I then started quoting Phil 4:6-7 reminding him not to worry but pray. Then after we finished singing we stood there debating whether to come home or stay for the preaching. (unfortunately Sunday's are such a long day for us sometimes we slide out and come home) But God had a divine appointment that we needed to keep last night. You see, the title of Dr. Rummage's sermon was "How to Kiss Your Worries Goodbye" from - you guessed it - PHIL. 4:6-7!!!!!! TOOOOO FUNNNYYYYY!!!

So, at the end of the sermon during the invitation Dr. Rummage invited people to come to altar and leave their worries there for the Lord. For the first time in a VERY long time the atlar at our church was flooded with people! Me, being one of them! After I finished leaving my worries and praying with some friends who were doing the same I stood to go back to my seat and here comes Jimmy down the aisle and I notice he has my son Chase with him!!! Yes, all on his own Chase had prayed to receive Christ Saturday night in his bed and he was ready to come up and make it public!!! I LOST IT!!!!!!!! My baby got saved! Thank you Jesus! I know this happened in spite of me because I'm not the best example but I praise Jesus for calling my baby to Him and that Chase was ready and willing!

Continue to pray for us and for Jimmy's job situation and pray that I will help develop Chase into the man that God wants him to be! Thank you Jesus!


Leigh Gray said...

Praise the Lord, Praise, Prasie the Lord. How great is our God..... Words could never express.

I love you my sweet friend. I love you and am rejoicing with you.

Please tell Chase how excited i am for him and that I kow Tucker will be happy for him too! love you