Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tough week

We had an awesome weekend. Friday my sweet niece Rachel and her friend came down and we went to the Southern Christmas Show Sat. morning. LOVE IT! While we were there Jimmy's brother Greg, nephew Cody and his friend Brandon also came down. Yes, there were 10 people in my house Sat night and getting ready for church Sun morning! We had to be there at 7:00am (like every Sunday) and they all got up and went with us. I'm not sure why they would do that to themselves, but they did! haha

Sat. night Lisa had several couples over for an evening of prayer for our music ministry. We ate like pigs, we had some praise and worship and then we watched a video of Jim Cymbala preaching on "My house shall be called a house of prayer". GOOD stuff! Then we closed with some prayer time. My in-laws went with us and it was truly an incredible time with family, friends and the Lord. Church Sun morning was great as well. My group "One Voice" was singing that morning so the enemy did his best to distract me with some dumb stuff, but I prayed thru and was able to worship!

Mon. tough. I went to the Southern Christmas Show - AGAIN - with my friend Beth, who is a HOOT! It helped keep my mind off my daddy - for a while at least. Yesterday was not so great. I'm not feeling real good which doesn't help the blues at all! Then sweet Tracy calls to tell me her grandma went home to be with Jesus.. I wish I could go be with her. So today, I got the kids and the hubby out the door, I turned on some praise music, I opened up the Word and spent some time with my Abba Daddy! We spent some time studying Jacob and Rachel (in my Divine Encounters book) and then He took me thru some Psalms and then we ended up in Jeremiah.

We went to chapter 33 of Jeremiah. I love this verse. Jer 33:3 "Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know." I wish some things were that easy. I wish sometimes I could say "God, why in the world did my dad have to get brain cancer and die?" "Why did Tracy's grandma have to get Alzheimer's and be confused?" "Why". Then I sometimes wish He would just say "Well, Val (He would call me Val - haha) it's like this..." Today though He showed me that's it's not the answer that matters but the searching and the calling. If I knew the answers would it really make a difference? Sometimes yes, but most times no. What makes the difference is communicating with Him. Asking Him, trusting Him, seeking Him. That's what He wants from me.

So today, I'm going to shake off these blues, get my praise on, clean this house and get ready for church this evening. It's the least I can do for Him.


Angie said...

Valarie...I love that! I have never "seen" a video with Jim Cymbala...but after General Council last brother in law brought back a CD w/him speaking...very good! I have one of his books.
Sounds like you sort of like that Southern Christmas Show... :) I absolutely loved LOVED my visit here! We have many things in common!
Be blessed!

Nicki said...

I'm so glad you got to make it to the Southern Christmas Show!! I don't think I'll be getting round to that this year.

I often ask these questions too.....I think we'd be un-heartly if we didn't. I'm sad for Tracy as well. I hope you made her smile a little bit!

Have a good night!

Melissa said...

Hey sweet friend,
I know I have been SO busy this week and have not had a lot of time to spend, but I have prayed and prayed for you! I love you and I am so sorry that this is a tough week. I am glad you got to get out and go to the madness of the Christmas show! I can't wait for things to calm down so we can just hang out! I am here! I love you!!