Friday, February 1, 2008


Ok, I have a little time this afternoon so I thought I'd pop on and tell you a bit of what the Lord has been doing in me. I've shared how faithful He's been during this time with my mom and how I've felt closer to Him than ever before, but you all know that does NOT make the enemy happy.

This Thur night is the kickoff to the Music Ministry's Ladies Bible study that I will be leading so needless to say, the evil one has been busy reminding me what I'm not. I'm not worthy, I'm not educated, I'm not adequate, I'm get the idea. The Lord knew this battle in my mind was going to happen and He sent a sweet little Southern Bible Teacher (ya'll know who I mean) to give me the tools to FIGHT that battle. Every time he whispered a "you are" I stood and raised my hand and said "Thank you Jesus, I'm not that person anymore"! Every time he wshipered "you're not" I said "Thank you Jesus that I can do all things thru Your Power!" In the past I just sat there and let him play his little games with my mind and it kept me in so much bondage, you just wouldn't even believe it, but ya'll the freedom!! The freedom to know that in Christ I can!! The freedom to know that I'm changed! The freedom to know that I'm His!!!

I had said earlier that I felt this year would be a year of restoration and you just wouldn't even believe how many times the Lord has confirmed that to me. Scriptures read, prayers prayed, even radio dj's talking about it! Amazing! In fact, I'll share a good one with you. I went on the Apple Hill Prayer Retreat last weekend. (Came home from WV on Wed and left Thur morning - my husband ROCKS!!!) While we were there one of the leaders - Dona Goforth (amazing woman!) - prayed with me and she said "Thank you God for restoring us"! Now I had not spoken with her AT ALL about restoration and I know that some would just call that conincidence - but why would God give her those particular words? Because He just wanted to whisper a sweet little "I love you" in my ear!!! Don't ya'll just love when He does that?!

So, here I am facing another giant. A giant I've never faced before. One that has me shaking in my shoes!! But PRAISE GOD I've got the victory!! Ya'll, God has worked thru so many details, and so much "junk" to bring me to this that I KNOW He's got something BIG for me! I don't know if a single one of the 20 women who signed up for this will get one thing out of it, but I know that I'm going to! I already have! I just pray that the Lord will use this donkey to speak His truth! Pray for me, pray for the ladies who are coming. More than anything, start living in victory!! Start living in FREEDOM!!!