Thursday, May 15, 2008

Amazed by you?

Well things are looking brighter and feeling better around the E Plantation!! God is faithful, ya'll!! Still lots to figure out, but land sakes His Word is alive and active!! Don't you just love when you open it up and you HEAR from Him? WOOHOOOO! I wish I could share it all, but just know, God is speaking!

Anyway, I'm in the 7th chpt of Luke and loving going slow in this book. I read the story of Roman centurion - again, a familiar story - but what truly fell fresh on me was the fact that Jesus was amazed by his faith. I mean, He was Jesus for Pete's sake! He knew every hair on that guys head (or lack of if he was bald). He knew the things this army leader had likely done to the Jews. He knew. And yet, He was amazed by him. Jesus was amazed that this guy believed that all Jesus had to do was say the word and his servant would be healed. He had never met Jesus face to face and yet he believed. Jesus, the Word made flesh, the Holy Son of God was amazed by this man.

Does that blow your mind like it does mine? It just reminds me that the heart of our God is so tender that He finds us amazing. He loves us so much that He came - leaving His heavenly throne - leaving the Presence of Holy God - leaving His place of authority - to come to earth to be amazed by US?! I just love that about Him!! It blesses my heart to know that He cares that much about me. I hope today you'll think about how deep His love is for you. I hope you'll remember that He cares. He knows. He rejoices over you with singing. He is enthralled by your beauty. I'm grateful He's reminded me of that this week!


Lucy said...

Don't you know that the angels look at us and then look at Jesus and say, "You want them?!?"