Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A bit random..

Well, today's post is gonna be a bit random. There's so many things swirling around in this head that when you combine it with all the air that's ALREADY in there (I'll say it so you don't have to) well, it's just alot! ;-)

First I have to say to please pray for Jennifer and my friend Lisa as they are boarding a flight - about now - on a mission trip to Brazil! Pray that the Lord will use them in a MIGHTY way and I know He's going to because this team has already faced some pretty intense warfare and they are just now leaving. WHEW!

Secondly, last week our SS classes were studying Hosea and man, I LOVE that book! The first time I really studied it I had to go back a couple of times to read it over and then check my footnotes. I was like "God WANTS him to marry a prostitute? Is that what that says?" Ya'll know I'm kinda slow sometimes. Anyway, LOVE that story. Such a picture of God's unfailing love for us. Wow! In fact, if you're a reader and haven't already, get Francine River's "Redeeming Love" and read it. It's loosely based on Hosea and a fiction story but oh my stars, I LOVED it too.

Now I'm slowly chugging thru Luke and I'm in chpt 8 thru vs 21 and while there's so much there - especially being the seed in good soil - the thing that really spoke to my heart was Jesus and the women who were with Him. Jesus was the original "Women's Lib-er"! But His plan for liberating women wasn't to give us power over anyone but to raise us to a place of equal service as the men. He had cast demons out of some of these women. He had brought them out of bondage, raised them from shame and degradation and they didn't go around telling others how to do the same. They didn't start a Self-help seminar. They didn't go write a book. No, these women followed Jesus. They used all their money for His service. They paid their way and then used their surplus for Jesus' ministry. Can you imagine?

Now I know there's gonna be some that are offended by my next statement and I'm sorry, but it's truly what I believe. I really don't think Jesus did this so that we could have a female president. Really, I don't. In fact, in all honesty, we are emotional, even the strongest of us get our feelings hurt if our friends don't include us or don't compliment our new "do" or outfit. How in the world is a woman gonna go sit with other world leaders, who don't allow women in their countries to even speak (I don't agree with that either by the way - but it happens), and offer up her opinions? I don't know.

What I do know is that Jesus came for ALL of us. Men, women, children. ALL of us. Gender didn't matter to Him. Age didn't matter to Him. Race didn't matter to Him. If you have a pulse, He came for you. If you were the only one alive, He still would've done it...just for you! That's the bottom line. Didn't mean to go off on that political tangent - but like I said - lots of air in this head of mine!! What matters most to me isn't what your political stand is, isn't what you think of the women's lib movement, isn't who you're voting for (though it's important TO vote), what matters to me is...Do you know my Jesus? Have you asked Him to forgive you of your sin and to be Lord over your life? If not, please let me know and I'll be so glad to tell you how. If so, please take a sec and thank Him, again, for His redeeming love for you.


JenB said...

Hey! Just catching up on my reading. Thanks for the prayers (and the shout out!) They were felt. God is good!