Thursday, May 1, 2008

National Day of Prayer

This is the prayer I posted on STMM prayer blog and I hope that you'll pray for our nation as well. Our church is having a service at 7pm and I pray that yours is as well. If not, come to mine. ;-)

Father God, I come to you today thanking you for your tremendous blessings on this country. Father you have protected, sustained and provided for us over and over again and I thank you and I praise you for it.

Today, on this National Day of Prayer, we come to you, crying out for your continued hand of mercy on us. Lord we recognize that we are undeserving both individually and collectively, but Lord I praise you for seeing fit to send a Lamb to atone for our sins out of your great love for us. Thank you Jesus for being the Lamb. For giving us the pattern of obedience we are to follow.

Lord these are difficult times we live in but not one bit of it takes you - in your sovereignty - by surprise. Before the foundation of the world was laid you knew that we would reach this place and this time and you had/have a plan. We trust you Lord. We trust that your perfect will is one to prosper and not harm us and to give us a hope and a future so Lord we lay the upcoming elections at Your feet. We ask that your truth will be revealed to us as we make decisions as to who we will vote for. I pray that you will convict us on election day if we do not participate in the vote.

Father as I read the example you gave us of the people in the last days in 2 Tim 3 I know that your time is drawing near. You said they would be lovers of money, proud, abusive, unforgiving, without love, lovers of pleasure rather than of You and Lord that sounds just like our nation. Forgive us Lord. For the sins of our nation Lord, I ask for your forgiveness. I pray that we will never be like the weak-willed women in 2 Tim allowing those having a form of godliness to worm their way into our homes, gaining control over us. May we be followers of Christ, warriors of prayer, recognizing our identity as Daughters of the King.

Father I thank you for the honor of laying our burdens at your feet. I thank you that you are not a God who doesn't understand or care, but that You took on our infirmities and healed us with the stripes laid on Your Son. Thank you for making a way for us. Protect our Land, Lord and start a Holy Fire in this nation that will spread like nothing we've ever seen! Blow our minds Lord!! In the strong and mighty name of Jesus I ask these things.....Amen


Shonda said...

Amen and amen!

Blessings in Christ-