Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Roller coaster!!

Do you love roller coasters? I do! I have always loved them. The scarier, the better. As I've gotten older I've developed a few medical conditions that have limited my ability to tolerate certain rides, but roller coasters I can still tolerate. I guess it's the wind in my face that helps. Anyway, I just LOVE them! Especially when you climb off and your upper lip is stuck to your gums from the air drying your teeth! DON'T YOU LOVE THAT?! hahahahahaha

The ones I don't like, however, are the emotional ones we ride every day. The ones that are created in our minds by the lies of the evil one. The ones that we stand in line for, climb in, and strap ourselves in to. The ones we allow to twist us and turn us, banging us up, messing up our hair, pushing us to the point of barfing! Those are the ones I don't like. Really, what it is that I don't like is that I ALLOW the evil one that kind of power over me. That I allow him to lure me in to standing in line, climbing on and going along for a ride that the Lord does NOT have in mind for me. Now, I know that the Lord is standing at the head of the line going "Here it is girl. You get to decide if you'll go along this time." knowing full well what I'll choose and knowing full well what I'll learn from that choice. But still, I don't like those rides!

That's kinda where I'm finding myself lately. Emotionally going up and down hills, twisting and turning. Physically holding on with a death grip to my Safety Belt. I guess that just may be right where He wants me for now. It's not that I feel like my life is out of control or anything like that. It's not that I feel like I'm slipping away from my Source of Strength. It's just that lately it seems that I've allowed the enemy to distract me with some things and that's my problem. That's the bottom line. It's not about the roller coaster. It's not about my ability to hold on or let go. It's about what I'm going to choose. Will I choose to climb into the safety and security of my Abba Daddy and go on His wild ride or will I choose to be distracted by the kiddie coaster the enemy has for me? Will I waste time on a coaster that has no lasting results at the end or will I climb on the "Wild Ride" that God has for me that will last for eternity?

There is no choice. I choose Jesus. Every time. I choose to stand in His line, strap into His ride, to let go with both hands and allow His Spirit to break and mold me, to twist and turn me, to take me up and down hills and even upside-down if He chooses and when I climb off His ride into glory I will unashamedly smile with my upper lip stuck full up on my gums and say "Thank you Lord for that WILD RIDE!" "Can we go again?"


Lucy said...

I LOVE rollercoasters too.....we need to get together and go to Carowinds this summer.

I also HATE the emotional ones and know I've ridden a lot of emotional rollercoasters in my life!!! We've got to get together and talk.

Love you!