Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Still in the miracle business!

Well our weekend was awesome and I'm gonna blog more about it during the week. As you can imagine, I'm a little busy with Mt. Laundry in the garage and chasing all these dust bunnies today but I did wanna pop on quickly to tell you about how AMAZING God was this weekend - let me restate - how God reminded me this weekend of his AMAZING-NESS! Even if it isn't a word, I'm still AMAZED!! hahaha

Ok, so my mom was REALLY sick back in Jan. Suffered carbon dioxide poisoning, "multiple" strokes, elevated blood sugars and blood pressure - just a mess. Then if you'll remember she only spent 2 weeks in Rehab before they sent here home with an "unexplainable" recovery. (Of course we all know the explanation - GOD answers prayers!) So this was my first trip to see her since all this - I know I'm an awful daughter! Anyway, I call her and - get this - she's at a Bible study at her church, then she had a lunch scheduled and THEN she would make it over to my sister's to see us. Ok, now please know that I am NOT complaining about this!! Since my dad's death, my mom has been - frankly, a bit of a recluse! So hearing her put me off due to her busy social calendar was the BIGGEST blessing I've had in YEARS!!!!! For those who have met my mom, pick up your jaws!!! I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If that's not good enough, then God just popped a little cherry on my sundae (raw not maraschino because He knows that's what I like) with this little tidbit!! My mom has a "gentleman friend"!!!!!!!!!!!! YA'LL - YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!! That is so stinkin' huge!!! I'm just here to tell you that God Almighty is still in the miracle business!!!


Melissa said...

NU UH! She does not. Well, you seem excited about this so that's encouraging!! WELL... go on Ms. Janet! And praise the Lord while you are at it!
Love it!!
Love you!

Lucy said...

Go, Valarie's Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicki said...

Good for your momma!! Getting her a "friend"!!! =) That's so sweet! I'm SOOO glad that things went well with your mom! I know you've been through A LOT!