Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Up and out.....

Well I'm gonna try to keep this as brief as possible to let you know what the Lord has been doing in the last week and what's coming up for the "E" family!

Last week I eluded to my man bein' STRESSED out - which he was/is - and that he was going to be making some decisions requiring your prayers. Well, the decisions haven't been made, yet, but the Lord was SOOO good to us this past weekend.

Friday night - we had game/dessert night with 3 other couples and all of our kids. It was a blast! We laughed more than I thought we would and just had an AWESOME time. Then Sat. morning we had a prayer summit at our church. For those of you who missed it - SHAME ON YOU! haha JK It was incredible. Made me really just stop and get my eyes off myself, my circumstances and get God-centered! Perfect timing from a Holy, Perfect God for my man and I! Then Sat. afternoon I have to tell you that I jumped with BOTH feet out of my comfort zone. I don't mind helping people with "manual" labor. I don't mind getting dirty and sweaty for someone who needs a hand. What I don't like is having my kids along and worrying about what they're possibly getting into, or if they're wondering off, or.....whatever. But Jimmy and I talked about it and we decided to take our kids on a "Hearts and Hammers" project. The first of our new Sunday school class.

Now, there's a bit of background info you need here. Our new class is the choir and orchestra people. Band geeks and singers! (hahahaha) Give us anything and we'll make either an instrument or a microphone out of it! So, going to do a "Hammers" project - I thought - was going to be QUITE comical. Well, once again, the Lord proved me wrong. Our project was for a widow in the Sr. Adult/Adult choir. A woman whose kids don't live close by so she's mostly alone. So, while we did her "list" of tasks, she (being a former school teacher) sat out in the yard with all the kids entertaining them, putting them to work too, and playing domino's with them. I have to tell you that I stood on her back porch weeping - like an idiot!! It was just about the sweetest thing ever! I took pics but am having trouble downloading them.

Then Sunday was just a great day of worship and rest. Then Mon, Tue and today have been PACKED with stuff. Cleaning, laundry, working, volunteering for EOG's (yuk!) and getting ready to go to WV. We're leaving in the morning for an extended - much needed - weekend with our families. My man hasn't been around his family in almost a year - July of 07 to be exact - so I think that is contributing a TON to his problems. Hopefully, he'll get his "fix" this weekend and this moving talk will STOP!!!! hahaha Anyway, so please be in prayer for us as we travel and that the Lord will give us a couple of burning bushes this weekend!!! He's speaking - I just know it! I just pray that we can shut out the clamour and focus on His voice - CLEARLY! Thanks for the prayers and I'll hollah at ya!!! CYA!!