Saturday, May 17, 2008

eXtreme Praise Pictures

Here they are - FINALLY!! A few of the pics of my babies in the eXtreme Praise concert! I was so proud, not just of my own kids, but ALL the kids up there singing their hearts out in pure worship! There was no drama in this concert, just praise and I'm still getting people stopping me everywhere - even in the grocery store - telling me how it blessed their hearts! To God be all the glory!!!

My oldest is the first guy on the top left! (Yes he placed himself next to a pretty little thing!) (oh yeah, the little blond second from the rt on the 1st row is Nicki's oldest!)

The little guy in back is my middle man! My oldest is on the right of the parachute.

The angel on the far right is my baby! Oh yes, I KNOW!! Thought I was gonna be raptured right there! haha This one is VERY dark, but if you look closely you'll see me on the far right singing with the kids and if you count over to the 4th little guy left of me (3rd row and there's a "dark" boy in there haha) you'll see my middle man and I lookin at one another! Just about makes a momma's heart skip a beat! ;-)
So there's just a few pics of that AMAZING night. If you're a "Grover" and missed it, PLEASE go get the DVD! I promise that you will NOT be disappointed!! The Lord's Presence was STRONG in that place and I know He was smiling on these precious little ones!!


JenB said...

Loved, loved, loved that concert! They did a great job. Really blessed my heart.