Monday, May 12, 2008

Burning Bridges........

Well Mother's day was just an all around great day for me. Actually, we kinda had Mom's day weekend - which started with breakfast in bed Sat morning - followed by house cleaning and laundry with my 3 little "elves". Great fun! It really kinda was because they were genuinely helping and learning about how to clean ("For when we get our own place mom" says my 8 yr old! haha) but we had a blast. Yesterday afternoon a couple that opened their home to me when I lived in Florida stopped in for a visit. They are Marketing Directors for Choose-life and are trying to get those plates up and running in NC. (for more on their efforts, go to the site!)

So, in our Old Testament study we just finished up with Elijah and are moving into Elisha this week. I have to tell you how incredibly timely the Lord is - as always! (how about that grammar by the way? haha) We talked in SS yesterday about depression - about having a "mountaintop" - if you will - with God and then falling to the valley of depression and sadness. This comes after my post last week of "Whew"! As you can imagine, it was just what I needed to hear. I needed to hear that I wasn't a freak for feeling depressed after being so consumed with the children's musical and sad when it was over. (typically, I'm glad when it's done but I loved this program so much it truly made me sad) I sat in SS with tears running down my face because our Father is ever so gentle and kind. I just felt like a little girl who had climbed into her Daddy's lap! Amazing!!

Then, today, I open the book and we're talking about passing the torch. Talking about Elijah going to Elisha who was plowing in the field and passing on his "mantle". The thing that really knocked my socks off is again, He's on time every time! You see, my man has been struggling at work, talks of layoff's looming about, production down, just struggling. Top that with the fact that neither of us were with our mom's on Mother's day AND the fact that today is my sweet step-daughter's 17th birthday and we're not with her either and it's NOT a good combination.

I share this with you to ask that you pray for us. Pray that we'll burn whatever bridges we have used as a crutch or a false sense of security to follow the Lord's call for us with the fervor of Elisha. I mean, the guy gets the call, goes back to say good-bye to his parents, kills the oxen, burns the plow and has a farewell celebration with his friends. That's the heart I want! The heart that says "You want me to do that? Well, alrighty then!! Let's do it!!!" I appreciate your prayers, and so does my man!! We know the Lord has plans to prosper us and not to bring us harm - it is His promise after all - it's just that we're a bit emotional right now so we need some discernment before we go making any crazy decisions!! ;-) Thanks again for praying and for caring!


Lucy said...

I love Elijah!!! I also love the fact that he can be having a "mountain top experience" one minute and the next God is asking, "Elijah, what are you doing here?" I wonder how many times I've seen God's faithfulness one minute only to hear him say, "Tracy what are you doing in this (spiritual) place?" the next minute. I need to be reminded regularly that our heroes in the Bible are still flesh and blood.

Melissa said...

Hey girl,
You know.. the Lord is using Elijah and Elisha in my heart too! He is so good and His Word speaks to each of us differently! LOVE THAT! I am praying for you! The Lord has a plan and He is not going to let you fall. Hang in there and trust... even if you can't see the direct results yet!
Love you!!