Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Quiet the noise...

After my day yesterday God was gracious to give us 8 gloriously uninterrupted hours of sleep! No getting up and running into walls, no kids needing tucked back in, no NOTHING!! Oh He is good!!!! Just what I needed because as soon as my quiet time was over this morning I hit the ground running and this is the first time I've even sat down.

It just cracks me up how God prepares you when you seek Him every day - no let me say every morning! I've always had a real problem with morning devotions because I DO NOT enjoy mornings - never have!! (right Kelley, haha) However, I'm learning more and more that when I seek Him "in the morning" He always gives me what I need.

For example, the first thing I do in the mornings is read from my "God Calling" devotional for that day. Yesterday, with all I went thru, guess what the title for that day was? "Fling It at My Feet"!!! Here's a small passage "Through a mist of care no man may see My face. Only when the burden is flung at My Feet do you pass on to consciousness and spiritual sight." HELLO - did I have some cares to fling God's way yesterday or what?! haha LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT!

Then today's title "Command Your Lord". Have to admit that sounded a bit scary when I first read it, but here's a nugget of today! (This is Jesus talking) "We share the Father's property. You have the same right to use and claim as I have. Use your right. A beggar supplicates. A son, a daughter, appropriates. Small wonder when I see My children sitting before My House supplicating and waiting-that I leave them there until they realize how foolish such action, when they have only to walk into their Home and take." WHOA! BLEW ME AWAY!!!

I was sitting on my patio this morning as I was reading that and then my verses in Habakkuk 3:1-7 and as I sat reading about how I had the RIGHT to claim my inheritance thru Jesus and then vs 2 of Hab. "O Lord I have heard of your fame, I stand in awe of your deeds" I was overwhelmed. We all work so hard. We have jobs whether in the house or out of the house or BOTH. We have jobs at our churches. We have jobs at our kids' schools. We have jobs on jobs on jobs. We are all SOOOO busy. I live fairly close to a major freeway and can hear traffic going by but I'm also surrounded by lots of trees so I hear a lot of birds, geese, ducks, etc. in the mornings. As I sat listening to these two sounds - the beauty of the birds singing, squirrels making that sounds they make (who knows what to call it? haha), geese fliying overhead and even a hawk crying out, I then could hear the noise of traffic. Here's a bit of my journal entry.

"Lord as I sit here basking in the beauty of this sunrise and read these verses in Habakkuk I indeed stand in awe of your deeds! I sit here listening to the NOISE of people busy with their lives but also hear Your creatures busy with Your work and the sound is beautiful. The NOISE of our efforts vs. the beauty of Yours. Lord, everything about You is beauty, is lovely, is peace, is joy! Everything done on our own efforts is loud, smelly, harsh, destructive. Lord thank you for reminding me today that me efforts without Your strength and Your help are disastrous!"

My prayer for you today is that you'll stop and hear the beauty in our Father's creation. Stop and listen. He's trying to get your attention in such a subtle way. Don't make Him turn up the noise to make you notice Him!


Leigh Gray said...

wow girl - that was incredible - thank you for the thoughts about noise... I have some noise i need to turn down!!! ME!!!!!!!!!

Love you girlie - Leigh

pinkmommy said...

"Don't make Him turn up the noise to make you notice Him!" I love that! It speaks to me so deeply, because it made me realize that God has been turning up the noise in my life to get me to notice Him in a more intimate way. I have a tendency to want Him close when I have time for Him...which has been not too much lately.

And, I am the same way about mornings. I HATE them, but I too have found if I spend time with him before I leave the house my day is much smoother.