Saturday, May 26, 2007

NO other life...

This weekend my sweet sister Regina and her fiance Dewayne came to town. This is the first time I've seen them since his sister Cheryl died a few weeks ago. His other sister lives here as well so they're spending most of their time over there but we had a yummy dinner together tonight.

As far as I know, Dewayne says that he has accepted Jesus as his Saviour and I certainly am not sitting in judgement of that statement at all! However I have not heard his sister make any such claim and sitting at the table with them tonight just made my heart break. I mean, burying my sister - can't even BEGIN to imagine it!! I have 2 sisters (both of which are MUCH older than me hahaha) and putting them in the ground - OK I gotta stop! I think you get the point. Anyway, I know that if that day ever comes that my God who has been so faithful to me WILL grant me His eternal peace and comfort.

He's done it before when I walked away and put my daddy, who I had been taking care of for the last 7 months of his precious life, in the ground. He's done it when I lost 2 baby's so I KNOW that He'll sustain me for EVERY passing in my life. But as I looked into the eyes of this family, I didn't see that blessed assurance. I didn't see that hope. I saw emptiness and pain and hopelessness. It was just about more than this "helper" could take. I was moved to tears more than once at the table.

The minute I felt the Lord's nudge to speak to them the enemy would thwart EVERY one of my attempts (typical). Waitress, people at the next table, etc. However, I did invite them to church tomorrow and Regina said she had her church clothes ready, so, I just pray they'll come. He is their ONLY hope. He is their ONLY peace. He is MY ONLY HOPE. He is MY ONLY PEACE. He is MY ONLY JOY!! I tell you from first hand experience, I've tried life without Him, I've tried living to please myself and I can PROMISE you there IS NO OTHER LIFE than life surrendered to Jesus Christ!!! If you don't know this love of my life, please let me introduce you to Him! He's SOOOOO worth it!!!


Lucy said...

That Word will preach, Sista!!!