Thursday, May 17, 2007

New day

Ok ya'll. I had my little hissy fit over that sweet Melinda Doolittle and I'm done. heehee I think I was so upset because I didn't think she would make it this far (the REAL singers usually don't) so I had convinced myself she was gonna win it. Guess the Lord has bigger and better things in store for that girl!! All I know is I can't wait to see what it is! You go Melinda! Keep makin' a joyful noise. (as if she's gonna see MY blog hahaha) By the way, did anyone else notice her "Death Cheater" shirt? LOVE THAT!!!

Last night I did receive a special treat though. I got a DVD of our Ft. Jackson retreat from my sweetums Bonita and oh my lands!! I was taken to the throne with the memories of how the Lord showed up and showed off for us! WOW!!! God is soooo good. I went to that retreat fully intending to feed those women with physical food but also to share the wisdom and insight that only I had! Boy, did the Lord have OTHER plans! (seems to be my pattern for the day) I was so busy serving them that I barely got to chat with any of them but NEVER have I felt so used by Him! Totally out of my element (I mean, I LOVE cooking but I LOVE talking even more haha) in the kitchen cooking and cleaning when I'm used to being "in it"! My how the Lord changed my heart that weekend! He is good! (if it seems I say that alot, it's because it's the truth)

Today as I dive into week 2 of "A Woman of Worship" study of the psalms by Dee Brestin (yes I'm steppin out on Beth haha) I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store. I'm finally learning to trust His plan, to wait for His plan and to listen when He tells me to slow down, hold on for His plan! Open the Word girls, there's so much there it'll blow your mind! If you ever thought it was not applicable to your situation - take a second look! I promise He'll amaze you!


Leigh Gray said...

you are allowed to have a hissy fit any day you want to!!! Love it!!


Lucy said...

It's amazing how often I read your blog and you are echoing the exact same things the Lord is whispering to me.

He's working in me to focus less on what people think (or rather, what I THINK people think) and to stop measuring myself by the world's standards. I have not been as nonchalant about turning 40 as I'd hoped I'd be. Do you know of any good women's Bible studies that hit on this subject?!?

Valarie said...

As you can plainly see I don't by any means have this mastered but I am more AWARE of "self" image after doing Beth Moore's "Daniel" study! Girl, if you haven't done it, DO IT! If you have done it, just say to yourself "I am and there is none like me" and see if God doesn't put you in your spot real quick!

The thing that struck me was when Beth said that low self-esteem is still SELF esteem!! O U C H!!!!!!! It just never hit me before that beating myself up was still focusing on ME!!! WHOA!!!!