Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hear my cry...

I'm a bit heavy burdened tonight. I am in WV - drove here today for my sweet niece's high school graduation - but didn't make the trip without turmoil. Had an exchange with a love one that quickly led to my feelings being hurt and then my becoming angry.

Thankfully the Lord led me Psalm 34. This chapter runs the gamut on emotions and gives them all to the Lord. My prayer while I'm away is that the Lord will take all these emotions and grant me His peace. That He will fix the situation, mend hurt feelings and ease all tension and grant forgiveness to us both.

I'm SOOOO glad the Lord hears the cry of the afflicted and wants us to bring Him ALL our emotions, the good, the bad and the ugly so that He can heal them in the way only He can!!

Ya'll pray for my sweet niece Rachel. She lost her daddy 3 years ago and I know this has got to be an emotional time for her. She's been thru so much and just loves the Lord with all her heart. She told me today that she has decided to change colleges because she wants to go where her Christian friends are going and not where she will be alone and faced with the "party scene" with no support!! Can you believe that? Oh to have had that discernment when I was 18!! She's a SPECIAL girl and God has something BIG for her life!!! Thanks for lifting her up!! She's a doll!!


Leigh Gray said...

you neice is a doll - and gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! protect her!!!!

wow - what a girl and what testimony she has and will have!!! Tell her to hang in there and she will see HIS glory soon!! He is going to wrok through her and bless her even more than thus far!!!

Hope you heart is being lifted!!

Love you dear!

Lucy said...

Girlfriend, I'm sorry you got your feelings hurt. I'm praying for you while you're gone. I hope everything is good with you. Let me know when you get home.

Nicki said...

Praying for you sweet girl! Hold your head up high! Walk on in the truth!!! I SO Hate tense situations with family....I recently had one with my mom....that's the worst!!!