Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Need your prayers

My sister Regina has been thru it in the last 2 1/2 years. Her husband of 20 years died at home and she's been thrust into "widowhood" at 44 and raising 2 teenagers alone! In these last couple of years she has met another great guy who is CRAZY about her and asked her to marry him this past Christmas. Talk about whirlwind!

Anyway, her man is Dewayne and his sister from Columbia, SC was visiting this weekend when she dropped over from a heart attack. SHE'S 43 PEOPLE!!! HEART ATTACK!!! Regina and Dewayne were there with her and started CPR immediately, however she had a 100% blockage in one and an 80% in another artery so the Dr's aren't sure how effective it was. So now, Cheryl is alive but as of noon today is still not responding. They've done an EEG to determine if there's any neurological damage. Please pray for her and pray for all her family. She is married but has no kids. Her husband, mother, father, sister and Dewayne all need your prayers as does Regina.

Thanks for taking the time to lift Cheryl up and I'll keep you posted.