Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The REAL me...

Today I stopped at the LPM blog and was once again touched with a fresh Word from God thru His servant Beth Moore. If you've never been there, child, you need to check it out!!

Anyway, she talked about being authentic (among many other things) and it was so refreshing to see someone of her "caliber" admit that she doesn't have it together. Imagine that? Beth Moore doesn't have it together! I know, mind boggling! Anyway, it kinda prompted me to confession as well! haha

If you've been around me for more than 5 minutes it's obvious I DON'T have it together, however, I know that because people around my church see me up on the platform leading worship there's a "perception". If anyone from my church is reading this PLEASE let me assure you that I ABSOLUTELY do not have it all figured out!! As far as worship goes, I'm just trying to be a vessel and don't get that right most of the time. I've stepped on my skirt and almost rolled down the steps, I've stepped out my shoes on more than one occasion, I've gotten dizzy during prayers and almost fallen over, I've messed up words, I've hit WRONG notes, and that's just the beginning!! All I can tell you is that I love Jesus and I'm giving Him the best this cracked vessel can give.

I pray that when I'm leading worship or when I'm writing on this blog or serving my man, or raising my kids or teaching my music classes or whatever I'm doing, that above ALL else God will be glorified!!! That is my intention! That is my goal! Anyone, willing to take off the mask with me? Anyone ready and willing to go there? To drop the charade? Let's do it sista's! Let's FINALLY get rid of it and let God get the glory He deserves! Anyone ready?


Nicki said...

I'm so with you on this!!!